Noteworthy videos

The Hope of the Resurrection

Hope [The Wonderful Hope that Jesus Brings - Pastor Wilson]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson focuses on the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus.

Love Like Jesus

Heart Like Jesus [How Can We Learn to Love a Broken World? Pastor Wilson]

How can we learn to love a broken world? In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson reminds us of the love that Jesus had for this world and how we can pray for a heart like Him.

The Influence of Fathers

Fathers [Pastor Wilson Looks at the Influential Role Entrusted to Fathers]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson looks at the influential role that has been entrusted to fathers.

World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

Children at Risk [Pastor Wilson & Nancy Wilson Address How We Can Help these Children]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson is joined by Nancy Wilson to address a very important topic--children who are at risk, and what are some of the things we, as Christians, we can do to help them.

The Protection of God

God's Protection [Pastor Wilson Shares What Happens When People Put Their Trust in God]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson shares an amazing story about a small group of young people who heard God calling them to reach others living in a very difficult and dangerous area. In spite of the risks, these precious young people put their trust in the Lord and said, "I Will Go!"


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