Noteworthy videos

The Power of Literature Ministry

Share Hope [Pastor Wilson Explains How We Can Spread Light to Others]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson will explain how we can share hope with everyone around us.

Possibilities Ministries Awareness Day

Possibilities Ministries [How Can We Find Joy in Suffering? Pastor Wilson]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson talks about a special webinar from Adventist Possibilities Ministries titled, "Finding Joy in Suffering: Grieving for a Loved One."

The Sabbath

Sabbath Day [Pastor Wilson & Nancy Wilson Talk About the 7th Day Gift]

What a joy it is to look forward to the Sabbath — a time when God comes to meet with us, wherever we are in the world! It is a universal gift, not limited to any one place, but reaches right around the globe, from sunset to sunset.

Hope Channel

Hope Channel [Pastor Wilson Reminds Us of the Importance of Communication]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson reminds us of a special Sabbath for Hope Channel and why telling the world about God and his plan is so important.

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Fasting & Prayer [Pastor Wilson Explains the Special Reason We Fast]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilsons shares a message on fasting and prayer. Why should we fast?

Youth Week - I Will Go

Pastor Wilson: God is Calling and Using Young People Today!

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson will share some exciting things happening in the church involving our young people around the world. Through the motto, “Pass it on,” youth leaders are encouraged to instill three essential values in the hearts of young people: 1) Identity in Christ; 2) Mission as Seventh-day Adventists; and 3) Leadership in the local church.

AWR Annual Offering

Pastor Wilson: God Wants to Bless You Through Tithe

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson shares how God wants to bless us. God reaches people where they are and keeps His promises in amazing ways.

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Pastor Wilson Reminds Us of the Firm Foundation of the Bible

In this video, you will learn about a young man named William Hunter. William was only 19 years old when he was chained to a wooden stake and burned alive. His crime? Reading the Bible.


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