Noteworthy Videos

The Influence of Fathers

Fathers [Pastor Wilson Looks at the Influential Role Entrusted to Fathers]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson looks at the influential role that has been entrusted to fathers.

World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

Children at Risk [Pastor Wilson & Nancy Wilson Address How We Can Help these Children]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson is joined by Nancy Wilson to address a very important topic--children who are at risk, and what are some of the things we, as Christians, we can do to help them.

The Protection of God

God's Protection [Pastor Wilson Shares What Happens When People Put Their Trust in God]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson shares an amazing story about a small group of young people who heard God calling them to reach others living in a very difficult and dangerous area. In spite of the risks, these precious young people put their trust in the Lord and said, "I Will Go!"

The Power of Literature Ministry

Share Hope [Pastor Wilson Explains How We Can Spread Light to Others]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson will explain how we can share hope with everyone around us.

Possibilities Ministries Awareness Day

Possibilities Ministries [How Can We Find Joy in Suffering? Pastor Wilson]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson talks about a special webinar from Adventist Possibilities Ministries titled, "Finding Joy in Suffering: Grieving for a Loved One."


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