How can we reach the world? In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson is joined by his wife, Nancy, to bring a special message about Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day.

This Sabbath, June 12, has been designated as Women's Ministries Emphasis Day. The theme for Women's Ministries is "I Will Go Reach My World," and what a wonderful goal this is for everyone to Go, in the power of the Lord, and reach their world for Him!

God has given each of us a special calling in reaching our world for Him. Let’s look at how a young girl was able, through a home, to influence one of the most powerful families of her time. We read about it in 2 Kings chapter 5, beginning in verses 1-5.

Here is a young girl, ripped away from her family and forced to serve in the very home of the one responsible for her capture! Involuntarily thrust into this unjust situation, she could have been bitter, resentful, and angry. But she wasn't. From an early age she had been taught a higher calling--one that looks beyond oneself to the welfare of others.

This young woman genuinely cared about the well-being of a powerful man who could have rightly been considered her enemy. She cared enough to speak with Naaman's wife, who conveyed the message to her husband.

This took courage. She could have reasoned that because of her lowly position she was helpless, that no one would listen to or believe her. Nevertheless, despite the risk of ridicule and rejection, she spoke up, and her captors believed her.

Why did they believe her? It was in part, no doubt, to what they had observed—her kindness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. We are told in Prophets and Kings: "The conduct of the captive maid, the way that she bore herself in that heathen home, is a strong witness to the power of early home training. There is no higher trust than that committed to fathers and mothers in the care and training of their children. Parents have to do with the very foundations of habit and character. By their example and teaching the future of their children is largely decided. . . . The parents of that Hebrew maid, as they taught her of God, did not know the destiny that would be hers. But they were faithful to their trust; and in the home of the captain of the Syrian host, their child bore witness to the God whom she had learned to honor"(Prophets and Kings, p. 245).

As we consider our calling, let us never forget those nearest to us, and the powerful influence God has placed within our hands. Whether we have children of our own, or are "mothers in Israel," God has placed us in the powerful position of teaching, nurturing, and guiding the lives of all humanity!

God has indeed placed us in a powerful position of influence--a position that only we can fulfill. While there are many ways we can serve the Lord as we "Go to reach our world," let us always remember our special calling to reach those nearest and dearest through the powerful influence of the home.