Possibilities Ministries [How Can We Find Joy in Suffering? Pastor Wilson]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson talks about a special webinar from Adventist Possibilities Ministries titled, "Finding Joy in Suffering: Grieving for a Loved One."


As followers of Christ, we have been given the enormous privilege of reaching everyone—"every nation, tribe, tongue, and people," according to Revelation 14:6. And while this charge may seem quite straightforward, it is sometimes easy to overlook those who may have challenges that are different from what we personally might experience--those who have challenges hearing or seeing, those who are emotionally or mentally challenged, the orphans and other vulnerable children, the widowed, and those who care for people who are facing these various challenges. How can we reach these dear ones, include them into our community of believers, and encourage them?

Adventist Possibilities Ministries, sometimes referred to as "Special Needs Ministries," is an inclusive ministry of the church, with the motto of "All are gifted, needed, and treasured!" To draw attention to this very important ministry, each year a special Sabbath is designated as "Possibility Ministries Awareness Day." And this year, Sabbath, April 24, has been set aside for this purpose. During this day, Adventist Possibilities Ministries will be providing a very timely and important webinar titled, "Finding Joy in Suffering: Grieving for a Loved One." 

This past year has been exceptionally painful as so many lives have been lost due to the coronavirus. In addition, individuals and families around the world have suffered many other types of losses--the loss of a job, loss of security, and more.

While a webinar will not erase the hurt, we can learn to press together and find that which will bring us lasting hope and perhaps a unique kind of “joy.” You can join this free webinar as those with special expertise and those who have suffered their own loss share how they have learned to face the future without a loved one. For more information regarding broadcast times, and to join the webinar, visit: possibilityministries.org/finding-joy-in-suffering.

This is one of many special services that Adventist Possibilities Ministries provides, helping everyone to know that they are not alone. Please know that you are not alone!