Children at Risk [Pastor Wilson & Nancy Wilson Address How We Can Help these Children]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson is joined by Nancy Wilson to address a very important topic--children who are at risk, and what are some of the things we, as Christians, we can do to help them.


As we all know, we live in a sinful, fallen world, and along with sin comes suffering. And of all the pain in this world, the most difficult and heart wrenching is when we see innocent children suffering. Thousands of children around the world are at risk. Many face abuses, neglect, hunger, trafficking to other countries, and much more. Children at risk need to be protected and helped so they can experience God's love and grow in His grace. They need our prayers.


Children are very precious to God, and when Jesus was here on Earth, He showed a special interest and care for them. Furthermore, Jesus took very seriously the spiritual education and training of children and gave one of the strongest rebukes in the Bible against those who would lead His children astray.


What can we do to help children? First of all, and very importantly, we can pray for them. Each year, the Adventist Children's Ministries department at the General Conference sponsors a World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk. This year, that special day is Sabbath, May 22. It is a day where Seventh-day Adventists of all ages set aside time to pray especially for the girls and boys who are suffering from various circumstances in which they find themselves through no fault of their own. You can learn more about this World Day of Prayer by visiting:


While praying is vitally important, there are other actions we can take to help the most vulnerable among us. First, is to be aware. Are there children in your church, in your community, who might be in vulnerable situations? Be in tune and look for ways to show an extra measure of love and compassion toward them. Committed, godly Seventh-day Adventist Christians can have a profound impact on the life of a child or young person as they lead them to love Jesus and trust Him so completely that they feel free to talk with Him about anything that concerns them or brings them joy—to instill in them, that no matter what is causing them pain, they can share it with Jesus and He will understand.


Take time to learn the names of the children and young people in your church. Show them you are truly interested in them by listening and encouraging them. Take time to pray with and for them, and teach them to build their faith upon the rock that is Jesus Christ and His mighty Word--the Bible!


Please join in praying for children everywhere during this special World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk.