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Spiritual Gifts [How Can You Discover Your Gifts?]

Do we talk about spiritual gifts enough? We may not want to talk about our gifts because we feel embarrassed, but God gave us all gifts for a reason. How can you discover your spiritual gift and how can we encourage others to use theirs? Find out in this new episode of ANN In-Depth.


Seventh-day Adventists [What do Adventists Believe and Why?]

What do Seventh-day Adventists believe? Currently, Adventists hold 28 fundamental beliefs. These beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Why do we have these beliefs? Find out in this newest episode of ANN In-Depth!


The Sabbath [Why Does it Matter?]

Does the Sabbath really matter? Will keeping the Sabbath make a difference in your life? Find out in this newest episode of ANN In-Depth!


The Research Behind the Church’s Strategic Plan

We’ve been talking about “I Will GO” for months, but what is it really and how will the Church do the research to see if it’s been successful? How do the KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, fit in? What will it say about who we are as a Church and what’s next? Find out in this new episode of ANN In-Depth.


Using AI and Innovative Technology in the Adventist Church

As humans, it’s good for us to innovate and create. We were made to do that. We were made to explore and see what’s next and where we can go. But can we go too far in our exploration, in our innovation? How can we balance our desire to find what’s next and innovate with our human tendency to want to become God? Find out in this episode of ANN In-Depth!


What Really Makes Someone a Hero? - with Dr. Barry Black

What makes someone a hero? Who are some of the heroes of the Bible and how can we learn from them? The Bible can bring us strength and if we ask, God will bring us wisdom. How can we make sure we receive this strength and wisdom? Find out in this newest episode of ANN In-Depth!


What is the Purpose of Public Campus Ministries?

What is Public Campus Ministries or PCM? PCM is a movement to transform students on non-Adventist campuses into Seventh-day Adventist ambassadors of Christ in colleges/universities, churches, communities, and the world at large.PCM’s mission is to inspire Seventh-day Adventist students to be disciples of Christ and empower them to share the everlasting gospel on campus. In this newest episode of ANN In-depth, you'll learn about PCM and how it is changing lives straight from people that have been impacted by this ministry.


Practical Tips for Healthy Marriages and Relationships

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. This day is a celebration of love and reflection. Just before Valentine's Day, we would like to talk about marriage and relationships. How do we show love and affection to our spouses? Or to family and friends? And how is pop culture invading our own relationships and how we relate to each other? In this newest episode of ANN In-Depth, we are joined by Willie and Elaine Oliver for some practical advice on this topic.


The Controversial Life of Dr John Harvey Kellogg

Who was John Harvey Kellogg? He was a Seventh-day Adventist physician, health promoter, nutritionist, inventor, author, eugenicist, and entrepreneur. He was also one of the most controversial figures in Seventh-day Adventist history. Why was his life so controversial? And why was he eventually disfellowshipped from the church? Find answers to these questions and learn more about Kellogg in this special episode of ANN In-Depth.


How Can Schools Become More Mission Focused?

How can schools become more mission-minded? How does education uphold freedom? Find answers to these questions and information on Adventist education in this newest episode of ANN In-Depth!


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