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Pastor finds a church "ready" in a city he dreamed about

Many already knew the Adventist message through Novo Tempo TV.

Paraná, Brazil | Gustavo Cidral

ne night Pastor Vilson de Souza Lima had dream. He dreamed  there was an Adventist church in the city of Alvorada do Sul, in northern Paraná, Brazil. The dream was so vivid that he felt he needed to act on it. He contacted Church leaders and requested that Alvorada do Sul, a city that had no Adventist presence, be annexed to his district so he could plant a church there. A little over a year ago, Pastor de Souza Lima rented a hall and began holding services. 

Little did he know that there were many in the city already familiar with the Seventh-day Adventist message and doctrines from watching Novo Tempo TV. Before long, he received contact information for several people who had corresponded with the TV station asking for material. Pastor de Souza Lima visited these contacts and began preparing them for baptism, along with several others who had already been studying.

On September 21, the city of Alvorada do Sul gained its first official Seventh-day Adventists in a joy-filled baptismal service.