Suva, Fiji | John Tausere/Record Staff

outh pastor Samu Koro is attracting an unprecedented response from viewers tuning into his evangelistic program with Hope Channel Fiji, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views across different platforms.

The program, running since May 24, is being broadcast on Hope TV and Hope Radio as well as Facebook and YouTube. Currently, each Facebook video alone has received 10,000-20,000 views, and more than 600 live viewers during peak periods.

John Tausere from Hope Channel Fiji says that there has been an overwhelming number of phone calls and requests for prayer.

“We started to receive calls on the first night, beginning halfway during Samu’s sermon and continued after the sermon until 11 p.m.,” he explained. “Most of the callers wanted prayers and thanked and praised God for Samu’s powerful presentation. Interests have also requested study guides to accompany Samu’s presentations.”

Koro’s sermons are being broadcast in preparation for the Trans-Pacific Union Mission’s harvest in July.

The Hope Channel team asks for prayers and support for Koro, the technical equipment, and the viewers who are watching and hearing his messages.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record