Chile: Anti-drug Program Promoted in Six Adventist Schools

A national campaign for the prevention of smoking and drugs began in six Seventh-day Adventist schools

"Increase in Religious Intolerance"-Adventist Religious Liberty Leader Warns United Nations

A growing climate of hostility towards religious minorities in Europe is out of keeping with the democratic ideal of religious freedom

Adventist Company Sponsors Australia's Largest Ever Symposium on Vegetarianism

a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains can significantly reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease

Canadian Government Supports Adventist Aid Agency's Landmine Victim Program

"[Landmines] continue to kill and maim men, women and children long after the end of the conflict,"

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Tells Adventist University Students to "Prepare for Leadership"

Pacific Adventist University (PAU) plays a vital role in improving the lot of women in society, said Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta

Adventists Survive Plane Crash on Micronesian Island

Three Seventh-day Adventist leaders were aboard a Boeing 727 aircraft carrying 96 passengers from Guam to the island of Yap that crashed on April 2

Family Tragedy Strikes Adventist Community in Jamaica

In the early morning hours, a father attacked his common-law wife and four children

Turkmen Pastor Faces Bleak Future After Destruction of Church

Pavel Fedotov, 28, told an AFP reporter last week of weeping church members who sang hymns as authorities outside ordered operators of heavy demolition machines to begin tearing down the church

Religious Liberty Expert Condemns Abuses in Saudi Arabia

Rossi addressed the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on March 28

Czech Adventist Health Leader Protests Against

The winner of this contest, which was conducted during this last weekend in Hora svate Kateriny in the region of Krusnohorsko, drank 35 bottles of beer

Russian Religious Freedom Expert Shares Concerns at Adventist World Headquarters

Asked about the prospects for religious freedom in Russia, Krasikov pointed to recent changes in the country's leadership

Adventist Communicators Receive Awards at Inter-faith Convention

A CD-ROM produced by Duerksen, which utilizes a high-tech combination of sound, graphics and video footage

New Mexico's Religious Freedom Bill is Part of a Nationwide Trend, says Adventist Leader

A bill protecting freedom of religion is one step closer to becoming law in New Mexico

President Regrets Conference Action to Issue Same Ministerial Credentials to Men and Women

The SECC executive committee took the action on March 16, with Conference president F. Lynn Mallery citing the need to treat

World's Largest Christian Book Store Opens in Silver Spring

In the new location, the store, already cited by Christian Retail Magazine as the largest Christian book store in sales, is now the largest in physical size as well

The Adventist Advantage

The Adventist Advantage*

Research findings suggest that the Adventist lifestyle contributes to better and longer life. by Larry Beeson** The Epidemiology of Seventh-day Adventists During the last several decades, health-relat...


United States: Adventist Church Highlights Growth in Membership

The Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to grow worldwide, with an average rate of increase of 5.5 percent in 1996. The highest net growth is in China, with the countries of the former Soviet Union...

Polish Adventist Churches

The recent flooding in south and west Poland brought a rapid response from the local Seventh-day Adventists, according to church reports.  In a number of cities, churches were “turned into big warehou...

Women's Ordination Request Rejected at Seventh-day Adventist World Session

Utrecht, The Netherlands… Casting what is essentially a vote against the ordination of women for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, delegates to the 56th World Congress of the Seventh-day Adventist Chu...

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