Forgotten Victims of War Aided by New Initiatives

According to United Nations' (UN) estimates, 300,000 children have been recruited to fight in wars-from the Balkans to Sierra Leone to Sri Lanka

Victory for Religious Freedom Advocates

A bill aimed at strengthening religious freedom in the United States was approved on unanimous consent by Congress on July 27

Baby Rosita and Mother Highlight Plight of Mozambique

The world will never forget the video showing the helicopter hovering over that tree, picking up this beautiful little baby with her mother

Adventist World Radio Receives Permit to Build a Bigger Voice

This new station will enable us to add some 15 new languages to the nearly 60 that AWR is already using

Adventist Stamp Web Site Launched

The newly formed Seventh-day Adventist Philatelic Society International has launched a Web site

Largest Gathering of Adventist Teachers to Convene

An estimated 6,000 teachers will attend the convention

Women in the Pulpit Issue Splits Congregation in Malawi

Regular worship and congregational activities were halted when members of the congregation and church leadership wrangled over women preaching in the pulpit at the Bangwe Seventh-day Adventist Church

Adventist Growth Sparks Church Building Challenge

demand for new church buildings is at an all time high, says Pastor Michael Ryan

Ravaged East Timorese Markets Rebuilt

The rehabilitation project, which started at the end of June, was initiated due to the destruction of all market sites

Unregulated Growth of Internet Gambling an "Increasing Social Danger," says Adventist Leader

The Internet is the new frontier of gambling, with the power of the World Wide Web being harnessed to allow people unprecedented access to everything from lotteries to Casino-style gaming, says Jonathan Gallagher

Innovative Research Attracts Top Federal Support

Loma Linda University (LLU) topped the list of recipients of federal research grants in the 2000 fiscal year

Religious Freedom Bill Gains Broad Support

Religious discrimination in land zoning decisions is one focus of a proposed law

Adventists Finalize Plans for Afghanistan Project

Loma Linda University will operate the resource center in co-operation with the faculty of Kabul University

From Communism to Christ: Top Romanian Economist Tells Her Story

Sandu explained that she held a high position in Romania's former Communist regime and directed the country's economic program

Visits to Adventist Web Site Double During World Session

Visits to the Seventh-day Adventist Web site increased by more than 120

Turkmen Official Says Adventists "Peaceful People"

The comment comes after more months of government crackdowns on Protestant Christian churches

French Anti-Sect Law Violates Fundamental Human Rights, Says Adventist Leader

The law, which was adopted by France's National Assembly on June 22 and is awaiting approval by the Senate

Poland Set to Monitor New Religious Movements

Measures against new religious movements are being considered by Poland's Interior Ministry

Adventist World Church President Re-elected for Five Year Term

Pastor Jan Paulsen, world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, was re-elected at 11:26 today (June 30) for a five year term

Building a Session

Crews working "round the clock" are building the stage for the Seventh-day Adventist Church's World Session

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