[Photo courtesy of Sarawak Mission]

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Youth Camp in Sarawak Inspires and Unites Delegates from 50 Churches

The "Stand in the Gap" event focused on leadership, spiritual growth, and the power of prayer.

Malaysia | Farrel Gara and MAUM Youth Department

The recent Voice of Youth Camp 2023, organized by the Youth Department of the Sarawak Mission, brought together over 700 young people from 50 churches and Sunny Hill Secondary School in an amazing display of passion and dedication. The event, which took place from April 27–30, was themed "Stand in the Gap" and focused on leadership, spiritual growth, and the power of prayer.

What was supposed to be a meeting of roughly 400 people turned out to be a stunning turnout that exceeded all expectations. The enormous support from Sarawak's local churches contributed to the large number of attendees, generating an environment of unity and shared purpose.

The opportunity to learn about leadership, spiritual growth, and prayer was joyfully welcomed by the youth. The event provided a great backdrop for them to investigate what it meant to stand in the gap and actively engage in their faith. Prayer, in particular, was important, with participants appreciating the blessings that came from participating in group prayer sessions.

Brendon Moore, one of the camp's esteemed speakers, expressed his appreciation for the program, emphasizing how it helped him gain confidence in his leadership abilities and form significant friendships. Hally Enoch, of Setulan, who described her path of spiritual, emotional, and physical growth, found the camp to be an enlightening experience as well. She relished the opportunity to celebrate the attendees' many cultural backgrounds.

[Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Mission]

[Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Mission]

The Voice of Youth Camp 2023 was methodically planned as a warm-up for the future Hope for Malaysia program. Its goal is to motivate young people to surrender completely to the Lord and remain steadfast in their faith. Overjoyed, a senior pastor shared his excitement at watching the youth's enthusiastic engagement throughout the program. He expected this to be one of the largest, most significant gatherings in recent memory.

The program ended with a sense of excitement for the youth's future faith journey. The organizers and participants hope the spirit of the camp will inspire a stronger relationship with Christ among the youth and empower them to create characteristics worthy of eternal life in paradise.

The strength of togetherness, prayer, and spiritual growth among the Adventist community is exemplified through the Voice of Youth Camp 2023. Sarawak's youth are positioned to have a lasting effect on their churches, communities, and the world at large as they strive to improve their connection with Christ.