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Young Boy’s Courage amid Cancer Moves His Family Closer to Christ

Yazid Villanueva and his mother, father, and middle brother decided to be baptized after a wonderful testimony

Peru | Liseht Santos

Yazid Villanueva, a brave little nine-year-old boy, fights day by day against cancer. During his treatment, he heard a personal testimony aired on a special program at the Good Hope Adventist Clinic in Lima, Peru. That impacted his life and the lives of his parents and younger siblings, and he decided to follow Christ even in the midst of difficulties.

Yazid was a happy child with a lot of energy, until his body began to show symptoms that led him to be admitted to the clinic. His mother, a nurse by profession, could not believe the challenge her family was about to face. She and her husband received the news that the oldest of their three children had cancer.

Yazid's entire family. (Photo: Family archive)

Yazid's entire family. (Photo: Family archive)

Since then, Yazid has been following the recommendations of specialists, taking his medications and undergoing chemotherapy, all with great responsibility and courage. While complying with his treatment inside the clinic, his mother and he listened to the message of a Seventh-day Adventist preacher and were able to see the baptism of other people in a program broadcasted by the Good Hope Adventist Social Service. It is there where the little boy asked a poignant question: "Mom, what prevents us from giving our heart to God?"

This question represented a call for the entire family, who, upon reflection, decided to take Bible studies and opt for baptism during the development of the 2023 Annual Council of the South Peru Union; father, mother, and their two older children (Yazid and Aaron) gave their lives to God.

Baptism of Yazid and his family accompanied by collaborators from the Good Hope Adventist Clinic. (Photo: UPS Communications)

Baptism of Yazid and his family accompanied by collaborators from the Good Hope Adventist Clinic. (Photo: UPS Communications)

Currently, Yazid's health condition is stable. With faith and action placed in God's hands, this family continues in their efforts for Yazid's health, with the hope and love of Christ driving their hearts every day. Today, they share their story with the hope that more people will seek the Heavenly Father and not let any situation stop them from surrendering their hearts to God.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church asks for prayer for Yazid Villanueva, as well as the work team of the Good Hope Adventist Clinic, which is in charge of the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of dozens of people. May God protect each patient, family, and all the professionals.

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