Volunteers create a support network for mothers in socially vulnerable situations

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Volunteers create a support network for mothers in socially vulnerable situations

Baby Partner Project has more than 50 volunteers and has served 145 families in less than a year

Brazil | Por Gustavo Cidral

Unquestionably, motherhood is a challenge and it is even more so for women in situations of social vulnerability. To help these families, a group of volunteers from Maringá, in the interior part of Paraná, Brazil created a project called Baby Partner. The group focuses on assembling baskets for newborns with everything a baby might need, as well as providing resources to help assist and guide mothers in psychological, legal, health, breastfeeding, and spiritual matters.

The project started with Isabela Dancini Pontes who was inspired to help struggling mothers after she had her own daughter. Isabela not only sought to donate items of clothing to a specific family, but she also wanted to create a network of volunteers to assist women through various aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. Today, more than fifty people are part of the initiative. They seek donations, wash, renovate and organize them, assemble kits, make deliveries and guide mothers through their needs.

Since October 2020, the project has served 145 registered women. Volunteers also offer courses for mothers to learn to perform jobs to help them generate income.

Baby Partner is now part of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). You can volunteer, donate or support financially. For more details, click here.

Follow the project activities on Instagram: @bebeparceiro7

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site