A new edition will be launched every semester, in digital format [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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Theological magazine is launched by Instituto Adventista Paranaense

Theology in Review explores current issues in the light of the Bible

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The Latin American Adventist Seminary of Theology (SALT) of the Instituto Adventista Paranaense (IAP) launched the first edition of the journal Teologia em Revista. The goal of the journal is to reach theology students, Seventh-day Adventist pastors and leaders, and local church members. The journal will feature reflections on the current theological environment, using varying pertinent worldly issues. 

“Theology in Review seeks to express ideals of a balanced biblical theology, emphasizing the theory and practice relevant to people living in 'difficult times' (according to 2 Timothy 3: 1)”, explains the Director of SALT-IAP, Pastor João Luiz Marcon.

According to Dr. Isaac Malheiros, Editor-in-Chief of the journal, contact with these texts is intended to contribute, in a practical way, to the spiritual life of readers and to encourage them to take action. “Theological research must lead us to the knowledge of one person: Jesus Christ, and enable us to put the experience acquired at the service of people.” He emphasizes that, “A series of relationships is involved in this process: learning and teaching; reflection and action; theory and practice.” “Everything has the objective of making the research go beyond the walls of the academy. It is a long way, but we have taken the first step ”, highlights Malheiros.

Differentiated proposal

The goal is for a new edition to be launched every semester, in digital format. According to the editor and designer of Theology in Review, Lucas Souza, all elements were designed to, in addition to serving those who are already familiar with the academic environment, also integrate the new generations for this dialogue.

“The great challenge was to materialize and contextualize it for a young and postmodern audience. Through developed visual identity, we hope to awaken this “manifesto” in scanning the Bible again. Therefore, the publication's DNA is brought in its slogan: “Theology in Review - We write for the future, [by] going back to the past.”

The articles are written by SALT professors and also by Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders, who are partners with the magazine, in addition to contributions from theology students, as a way to integrate them into this project.

To read the first issue of Theology in Review , click here.


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site