The Colégio de Talentos Adventist School in Lisbon Inaugurates a New Space

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The Colégio de Talentos Adventist School in Lisbon Inaugurates a New Space

The school is located in an old mansion that is over 100 years old.

Children | Portugal | João Daniel Faustino, Andreas Mazza, with ANN Staff

Adventist education in the city of Lisbon has gained a new space. On May 17, 2024, Adventist school and church leaders inaugurated a new space. Another stage in the requalification of the Colégio de Talentos spacesk in Lisbon, Portugal, has been completed, a project that restarted in 2008.

The school is located in an old mansion, over 100 years old, in the center of Lisbon. In recent years, it has undergone several interventions, providing it with the necessary conditions for the installation of Nursery, Preschool, and 1st Cycle services.

This latest intervention provided Colégio with a new 1st Cycle room, a completely new structure in accordance with current requirements, and the requalification of the recreational spaces throughout Colégio, with modern and student-friendly materials.

This process, which was intentionally integrated into Portugal’s Adventist Church’s global strategy for the five-year period, had a completion target of 2023, but was only completed this year, in 2024.

“With this stage completed, we give thanks to God for the blessings we feel each day and pray that His love influences every heart that comes into contact with us,” shared the school's Public Relations Office. "We continue to dream of serving even more and better. This building still has a space that has never undergone any intervention; if it is God's will, its requalification could expand the number of rooms and children,” concluded the PR Office. 

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