Brazil | Luciana Santana Diniz

On the morning of November 2, All Souls' Day, the Base Life team (unification of Sabbath School action units and small groups) in Sergipe brought words of hope and comfort to people who had lost their loved ones.

Between handwritten letters of hope and hugs, the action was part of Base Life Teen's monthly challenge, which, according to Gilca Medeiros, director of Children’s and Youth Ministries in Sergipe, aims to develop help moving forward.

“Each month, we launch a challenge or activities for our teenagers to develop in all areas of life, and especially to be relevant and useful in their communities. On All Souls' Day, the Bases went to the cemeteries to console those who lost their loved ones. It’s an act of love and detachment,” Medeiros explains.

Amy Gabrielle, 15, is part of Base Life Heirs 316 and considers the action very important. "Being comforted by someone is important because it shows that there are people who care about your pain—your suffering. It's always good to know that there's someone to support us, even if it's a stranger," she details.


The teens distributed more than 200 letters throughout Sergipe, including words of hope, encouragement, and comfort. Kâmala Lima, district coordinator for Youth Ministries, emphasizes the importance of the activity for the emotional and spiritual support of the community.

“The experience of being an agent of hope is always very gratifying. Yesterday was no different either, as we had different experiences with the people we had contact with. They were very open to listening to messages of hope and sharing personal experiences. These were unique moments. Just incredible!" Lima exclaims.

The original article was published on the South American Division website