(Photos: ADRA Slovakia)

Ukrainian Union Conference

Supporting the people of Irpin

Residents of Irpin received more than 320 food-and-hygiene packages. With the latest batch, ADRA continues supporting people in the city, located right next to Kyiv in northern Ukraine. Here, decisive battles for access to Kyiv took place, which left the city in ruins.


“From the first days of the de-occupation of Irpin, we were already here and distributed a large number of such packages. We plan to continue supporting people in need. We will organize our work in such a way as to cover as many socially vulnerable community residents as possible,” said Nazarii Kostiuk, from ADRA Ukraine.

Kostiuk noted that they cooperate with the Irpin Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, where lists of those needing assistance are formed. This way, the aid goes into the hands of those who need it most, and there is no room for exploitation. The recipients of the packages were primarily seniors and people with special needs who had damaged or destroyed houses and depended on help.

Stano Bielik, ADRA Slovakia’s director, was among those distributing the packages. Many people who were missing from the list of recipients also came. “The line kept getting longer, and our colleagues had to explain with infinite patience [whom] the help was meant for and that our options were limited,” he reflected.

Residents of Irpin have received 14 kilograms of food and hygiene packages from ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Slovakia, with the support of SlovakAid and Japan Platform.

The original article was published on the Ukrainian Union Conference website.