[Photo Courtesy of ADRA Romania]
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Solomon Haile is a young immigrant from Ethiopia, Tigray, an area currently experiencing war, persecution, and famine. He came to Romania almost four years ago, after being forced to leave his native country due to ethnic and religious persecution. Here he has found peace and quiet, but his great pain is that he does not know what his family is going through, and contact with them is very rare. Solomon is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ethiopia, but the war did not give him a chance to put his profession into practice, as he had to keep moving from place to place. At the moment, Solomon enjoys the protection and help offered by ADRA Romania through the project "Hope for Immigrants".

"I met Solomon a year and a half ago, maybe even two, when one of the ADRA Romania volunteers called me and informed me that he was a young man who needed help. We met, we talked and since then we have remained very good friends. When God sets things up, they feel neither haste nor delay. I am glad to be able to be with them, where our friends discover hospitable Romania, our hard language, but beautiful and so useful for them and, especially, the friendship of ADRA volunteers ”said Mihai Brașov, Assistant Volunteer Manager for the ADRA Romania “Hope for Immigrants” Project.

ADRA Romania is in solidarity with refugees, getting involved and urging a compassionate response. Through the project, "Hope for Immigrants", ADRA Romania recognizes the humanity and value of refugees. By respecting human rights and acting with compassion, a clear message of power is conveyed throughout this complex and fragile situation. Through its specific activities, ADRA wants to minimize the impact of this overwhelming and unbearable situation for as many men, women, and children as possible.

[Photo Courtesy of ADRA Romania]

[Photo Courtesy of ADRA Romania]

"The situation of refugees in Europe and other continents is a call for responsibility and compassion in order to prioritize life and human dignity. The true test of any human is in times of crisis. In the context of the unprecedented scale of the refugee crisis in Europe, within the project "Hope for Immigrants", ADRA Romania calls for solidarity for the refugee crisis by supporting third-world countries that host a very large number of refugees. Behind the testimonies and statistics there are real people with sad stories about suffering and loss, as well as hope and motivation, people I have never met, but who need help, ”said Robert Georgescu, ADRA Romania Executive Director.

Since 2015, both in the country and abroad, ADRA Romania has been implementing the “Hope for Immigrants” project, which supports refugees, immigrants, and emigrants.

Those who want to join the ADRA Romania team and get involved can do so through:

• volunteering (in the country or abroad),

• material donations (especially medical products, but also food, hygiene, and clothing),

• financial donations in the Seventh-day Adventist Churches with the mention “ADRA refugees”,

• financial donations in the ADRA account or

• donating directly to the adra.ro website / donating for the project “Hope for immigrants” or

• donating at any time 2 Euro by SMS at number 8845 with the text “ ADRA ”.

Since 1990, ADRA Romania has been mainly involved in development projects that benefit the entire population. Leading in the projects undertaken after the motto, “Justice. Compassion. Love. ”, ADRA Romania brings joy and hope in the lives of the beneficiaries by promoting a better future, values, ​​and human dignity. An accredited social services provider, ADRA Romania is part of the ADRA International network, the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the most widespread non-governmental organizations in the world, active in more than 118 countries and guided by a philosophy that combines compassion with practicality, addressing people in need, without making racial, ethnic, political, or religious distinctions in order to serve humanity so that all may live as God intended.