Students from Adventist Schools in Northern Peru Share Hope Through Different Initiatives

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Students from Adventist Schools in Northern Peru Share Hope Through Different Initiatives

Students, teachers, and administrators gave away copies of The Great Controversy, in digital and physical format, in police stations, hospitals, and parks.

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In a joint effort to spread a message of hope, on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 29 Adventist schools in northern Peru joined the Adventist Church's "Impact Hope" campaign, using technology as a tool to reach friends, family, and followers on social networks.

The Impact Hope campaign originated in 2007 with the mission of giving away books that contain uplifting messages while encouraging the habit of reading. Since then, more than 500 million books have been distributed worldwide.

This year, Adventist schools carried out a mass mailing of the missionary book The Great Controversy in digital format, achieving a positive response. Students, teachers, and administrators of the institutions were actively involved in this initiative, sharing messages of hope through various communication platforms.

In addition to digital outreach, teachers and students joined together to visit police stations, hospitals, parks, and local businesses, including the local mining company Newmont Yanacocha. At this meeting, they were received with gratitude while they shared the books and transmitted a message of love.

Demonstrating creativity and commitment, the campaign participants carried out activities such as the "Delivery of Hope." Through this project, participants cycled to local stores near their study centers to share copies of the missionary book. This initiative was received with enthusiasm by entrepreneurs and neighbors, who appreciated the effort to promote reading, especially with Christian content.

These actions were developed within the framework of the Impact Hope week.

The original article was published on the South American Division Spanish website.