Students Distribute Warm Clothes to Homeless People in Goiânia

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Students Distribute Warm Clothes to Homeless People in Goiânia

Campaign is organized by Colégio Adventista Jardim Europa

Brazil | Maycon Santos

A survey carried out by the Municipal Secretariat for Human and Social Development (SEDHS) points out there are about 1,200 people in extreme social vulnerability. Among these numbers are the people who live on the streets and currently face the characteristically cold months of May and June in Goiânia.

Aiming to help these people, Colégio Adventista Jardim Europa promoted the warm clothing campaign through the Missions Agency project. Last Sabbath, June 19, students mobilized in specific points of the city to distribute the clothes in the worker square, on Avenida Independência (region 44), and the Joaquim Lúcio square, in the Campinas sector.

The collection was carried out by the whole school, from kindergarten to the ninth grade of Elementary School 2. The donations were made by students in the eighth and ninth grades. The Missions Agency is an Adventist Education initiative aimed at developing understanding and promoting the participation of students and those interested in speaking about Jesus through action.

Pastor Lincoln Moretto explains that, at the school, the project takes place on two fronts: internal actions, aimed at the school community, and external actions, aimed at the community around the institution. “The actions have a social and spiritual emphasis,” he said.

For Moretto, an initiative like this within the school contributes to the development of students in the social aspect and generates a responsibility to alleviate the suffering of those who are less privileged. “This helps students understand that Christianity is not just about concepts and ideas, but about a lifestyle of love and service to God and neighbor,” he said.

The organizers said when the shoes had already run out, a homeless resident told them did not have slippers to wear. Immediately, student João Pedro took his sneakers and gave them to the resident. The student completed the action barefoot but was happy because he felt useful in someone else's life.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site