Pastor Shrikanth Shendikay along with the attendees of the revival meetings. [Photo: NEIU]

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Stories of Redemption: Transformations and Challenges in Northeast India

Discover the inspiring stories of transformation and redemption in North East India, including the impact of a recent revival meeting led by Pastor Srikanth Shendikay.

India | Gaurav Joseph Zachariah

The Northeast India Union (NEIU) recently hosted a series of powerful revival meetings in Islampur, Assam, led by Pastor Srikanth Shendikay. From February 14–18, 2023, attendees were treated to a packed schedule of events, including morning devotions, Bible studies, and main meetings in the evening. Despite the long days, many locals, including non-Adventists, made a point to attend the evening meetings after a full day's work.

Sabbath was a particularly special day, with approximately 500 people gathering for the divine service. During the altar call, a staggering 102 individuals gave their hearts to Jesus and committed to being baptized. The baptism ceremony, which took place in a nearby river, was a truly unforgettable experience. The revival meetings had a profound impact on those in attendance, with many making life-changing commitments to Christ. Overall, the event was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to the excellent organization and powerful message of hope and redemption delivered by Pastor Srikanth Shendikay.

Rabi Sorein gave his life to Jesus in baptism during the revival meetings. [Photo: NEIU]

Rabi Sorein gave his life to Jesus in baptism during the revival meetings. [Photo: NEIU]

In another story of transformation and redemption, Rabi Sorein, a former member of the Church of Believers in West Bengal, recently became a Seventh-day Adventist after attending the Assam revival meeting. Rabi had questions about certain doctrines that his parents did not appreciate him asking. He attended the OCI meetings in Kolkata, where Pastor Shendikay was the speaker, and responded to the call for baptism. 

Rabi and 13 others were baptized on August 20, 2022, and his life has been changed forever. However, Rabi's transformation has come at a cost, as his family is now challenging him due to his newfound faith. May the world church pray for Rabi's continued strength and courage as he faces these challenges.

Dipen Hasda was delivered from addiction and baptized by Pastor Shrikanth. [Photo: NEIU]

Dipen Hasda was delivered from addiction and baptized by Pastor Shrikanth. [Photo: NEIU]

Lastly, Dipen Hasda's journey to redemption is one of immense courage and faith. Dipen was born and raised in a small village in Assam and struggled with alcohol addiction and bad company. His parents, devout followers of the Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church, had long been praying for a change in his ways. Dipen's life took a tragic turn when he and his friends were involved in a fatal accident that resulted in the death of his close friend.

This prompted Dipen to turn his life around and enroll himself in the Springs of Life Adventist Lifestyle Center in Kolkata, where he is undergoing health courses. Dipen attended the Assam revival meeting and was touched by the messages from the Word of God. He made the decision to be baptized and devote his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. May everyone pray for Dipen's continued transformation and for his family to be led to the truth.

This story was provided by the author, a member of the Southern Asia Division.