Specialized Media Training Bolsters Collaboration Between Communication Department and Adventist Hospitals in Mindanao

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Specialized Media Training Bolsters Collaboration Between Communication Department and Adventist Hospitals in Mindanao

Joint venture aims to increase capabilities in marketing and content creation

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In a bid to strengthen the media and marketing capabilities of Adventist hospitals in Mindanao, the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) Communication Department and Hope Channel South Philippines joined forces to conduct a specialized training program for the marketing and media officers of three prominent healthcare institutions. The training, held on November 13–14, 2023, focused on empowering the participants with essential skills for effective media communication and content creation.

The three Adventist hospitals in Mindanao—namely, Adventist Medical Center Valencia City, Adventist Medical Center Iligan, and Gingoog Adventist Hospital—were the focal points of this collaborative initiative. Through this training, the participants were equipped with knowledge and techniques vital for enhancing their media and marketing prowess. Topics covered during the training included news writing for print and TV, social media management, photography, video production, script writing, content creation, and website development.

The comprehensive, interactive sessions provided a platform for the participants to delve into these crucial areas of media and marketing, enabling them to gain valuable insights and practical skills. Moreover, the training fostered an environment of learning, collaboration, and skill enhancement among the marketing and media officers of the three Adventist hospitals.

Leaders from different institutions and organizations attended the specialized training's closing ceremony. Roy Perez, president of Adventist International Health System - Philippines, gave the closing remarks. Additionally, Pastor Elvin Salarda, SPUC Ministerial director, delivered a compelling commitment message, emphasizing the significance of the training in furthering the media and marketing objectives of the Adventist hospitals in Mindanao. Nuelin Sanes, SPUC Associate treasurer and Hope Channel South Philippines consultant, delivered an inspiring message on commitment and service during the opening session of the training.

One of the notable outcomes of the training was the initiation of a collaborative partnership in broadcast and print media content between the SPUC Communication Department, Hope Channel South Philippines, and the participating Adventist hospitals. This partnership is poised to further amplify the reach and impact of the hospitals' media content, contributing to enhanced communication, engagement, and visibility within the communities they serve.

The specialized training not only equipped the participants with valuable skills but also paved the way for strengthened collaboration and partnerships in media communication.

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