The online visual radio station was launched on Tuesday, June 15. [Photo Courtesy of Adventist Record]
Samoa | Juliana Muniz

Aiming at sharing the good news about Jesus through media ministry, the Samoa and Tokelau Adventist Mission (STM) launched its first-ever, online, visual radio station on Tuesday, June 15.

Pastor Sione Ausage, STM president, made the first transmission, delivering a spiritual opening message that emphasized the significance of the three angels’ messages going into all the world.

Streaming on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Facebook, the new station includes a diverse range of Bible study and health programs, with content for young adults and children, also.

According to reports from the STM media committee, implementing an online radio station has been a priority for STM due to the easy access and ability to reach a much wider audience.

So far, reports have shown that 80 percent of the programs have been getting more than 2,000 viewers, with audiences from Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Hawaii, the United States, Fiji, and elsewhere around Samoa.

“One viewer even commented to one of her local friends, asking how she can become an Adventist,” said Pastor Neru Nuuialii, STM general secretary.

With the proven efficacy, STM has more plans for the new media ministry. “We are keen to operate and present on Saturday and Sunday and still intend to seek a license from the regulator for the use of AM/FM stations in the future,” said Pastor Nuuialii.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record