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General Conference

Pathfinders Contemplate the Beauty of God's Creation

The main goal of this year’s Pathfinder rally of the Rostov-Kalmyk Association was to show children and youth the most valuable thing God has done: create everything for the good of mankind, and it was very good.

Russia | Yulia Popova, Club Pathfinder RKO

For one week, the days of the creation of life on the planet were examined in detail to show that life is beautiful and must be cherished. Eighty-six teenagers from 10 to 15 years old came to the meeting, and this year, an experiment was carried out, which included the recruitment of separate groupings of boys and girls from 16 to 18 years old. The activities of this detachment included active assistance in organizing and conducting the rally.

To achieve the main goal of the rally, “Bible hours” were held daily, activities in which children pondered over the lessons left by God. Every evening at the service, teenagers could hear a sermon from the pastor and ask him any questions that interest them.

Throughout the meeting, great attention was paid to the healthy pastime of children. Therefore, at the registration, a medical examination was carried out, and every morning, health-improving physical exercises were carried out, which alternated with sports exercises. Not a single day passed without outdoor games, one of which was the Fort Boyard game. Also, sports events with a health-improving orientation were carried out, in which all the Pathfinders were involved. In addition, a special event held for Pathfinders was a set of water competitions with motorboats. The culminating event of the rally was the Parade of Fireballs.

An important and useful component of the rally was the cleaning work on the territory of the prayer house in the town of Krasny Sulin, which, a year-and-a-half ago, was badly damaged by a fire and is now gradually being rebuilt. The cleaning was attended by early teenagers. In a fairly short time, they were able to remove a huge amount of garbage and clear the area.

Another goal was to show teens that Sabbath is a day of joy. Therefore, after the morning divine service, the game "Ark" was prepared for the Pathfinders, where they could communicate in the groupings and have fun.

The closing ceremony took place on the parade ground, where the flag was lowered to the tracker's anthem. After that, everyone could visit the open-air cinema, and for the senior squad, a graduation party was held on the water.

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