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Pacific Adventist University Receives K2.5 Million Donation at Record Graduation

Civil and administrative leaders commend the institution for its commitment to quality education and holistic health and well-being

Papua New Guinea | Kym Piez

Pacific Adventist University (PAU) celebrated its largest graduation to date on November 19, 2023, welcoming a total of 300 new graduates to the PAU alumni family, with a further 139 graduates from Sonoma Adventist College, a PAU affiliate.

During the graduation ceremony, Kinoka Feo, vice minister of national planning, presented a check for K2.5 million (approx. US$671,000) to PAU. The donation will fund the building of a lifestyle medicine center and wellness retreat, which will serve as a hub for promoting preventative medicine and healthy living and well-being in Papua New Guinea. The donation will also support the university’s upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations in 2024.

Feo expressed his admiration for PAU’s dedication to academic excellence and commitment to fostering a holistic learning environment that nurtures students’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. He emphasized the importance of lifestyle medicine in promoting preventive health care and addressing chronic diseases, highlighting the significance of the newly established lifestyle medicine center and wellness retreat. The new facility will include a swimming pool, grandstand, lifestyle amenities, carpark, lifestyle track, gym, clinic, and consulting rooms.

Professor Lohi Matainaho, PAU vice chancellor, expressed his gratitude for the generous donation, acknowledging the “profound impact it will have on the university’s ongoing development and ability to serve the community.” He emphasized the importance of partnering with government and community stakeholders to address critical healthcare needs and promote healthier lifestyles.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a message of inspiration and encouragement for the new graduates, urging them to embrace their newfound knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the South Pacific and the world. The graduates were reminded of their responsibility to uphold the values of PAU, including excellence, integrity, and service to others.

The original version of this story was posted on the Adventist Record website.