[Photo Courtesy of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division]
Philippines | Pastor Rudy Jimenez, Stewardship and PGTS Director

The Stewardship and Planned Giving and Trust Services (PGTS) departments of the Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NEMM), under the leadership of Pastor Rogelio G. Jimenez, spearheaded the evangelistic campaign from June 6–12, 2021. The program empowered the stewardship coordinators of local churches to lead evangelistic campaigns in their respective churches. 

The program was then followed by an online evangelistic campaign led by the Treasury Department. The online campaign, which was themed “Hope Beyond Tomorrow”, was broadcasted live on the NEMM’s Facebook page and 93.5 FM, Hope Radio Butuan. Every Friday night, on the radio program “Ang Pagka-piniyalan”, Pastor Rogelio continually promoted the importance of beinig a good steward amid the pandemic.

In the fourth week of June, a Stewardship Focus Seminar was conducted. Pastor Jibil Simbah, current Stewardship Director of the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD), preached every evening from June 20–24. On June 25, Pastor Rudy G. Jimenez, Stewardship and PGTS director of the South Philippine Union Conference, concluded the presentations. On Sabbath, the culmination of the Stewardship Month was celebrated with encouraging lectures and experiences from Rudy and Rogelio.

The month-long stewardship emphasis blessed the NEMM territory with messages, starting from the Stewardship Revival Week of the General Conference to the Stewardship Focus Seminar of NEMM. The brethren were also blessed with the messages from Pastor Noldy Sakul, former Stewardship and PGTS Department director of SSD, who reminded them God is always faithful to His people and His people ought to be faithful to Him.

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site