OYiM Program Opens New Church in Gabon

West-Central Africa Division

OYiM Program Opens New Church in Gabon

Ndjolé, Gabon | Marc Ntoutoume

Forty young people recently responded to an invitation to attend the One Year in Mission (OYiM) program in collaboration with Global Mission for an evangelism program in the town of Ndjolé, Gabon.

During the month of August 2021, the Gabon Mission organized an OYiM mission camp in the town of Ndjolé, and the program saw the participation of young people ranging in age from four to sixty years old. Given the pandemic, they employed “small groups of evangelism,” a method in which each group was responsible for leading a Bible study in houses of each of the missionary’s own contacts.

Each day after the campers did their own Bible studies, they were deployed to visit and give studies to their identified contacts. Each group included a preacher, a coordinator, and an intercessor. The groups also distributed nearly a thousand flyers covering such topics as the plan of redemption, the state of the dead, the Sabbath, and judgment.

Israel, one of the campers, admitted that the experience was beautiful, and campers Ruth and Jered were very happy to see joy in the eyes of those who received the Bible literature.

Among the books distributed, the missionary book of the year "Hope in Times of Crisis" has had a strong impact on this local community in Gabon. 

In addition to literature, the missionary groups did as the Lord said in Luke 9:13--“give them food yourself”--and also distributed food kits to each family with whom they studied.

At the end of the OYiM 2021 program, several people asked to be baptized, and on August 28 the first church of Ndjolé opened its doors.

It was a joy to see that after two weeks of evangelism, the objective of the mission was achieved: a church in Ndjolé. 

“These young people have accomplished the evangelical mission and today we can see the results,” says Abessolo Brillant, coordinator of the Global Mission program. 

Paul Auger Moungala, Executive Secretary of the Gabon Mission, says this experience was important. “It was essential that young people participate in the OYiM program in outreach evangelism and talk about Jesus,” he concludes.