Nuevo Tiempo Advertising Billboard Leads to Marriage Restoration

South American Division

Nuevo Tiempo Advertising Billboard Leads to Marriage Restoration

Evert and Esther were reached with the message of hope at a time when their marriage seemed to be falling apart.

Peru | Rosmery Sanchez

How much he longed to change his situation! How much he wanted it to be just a dream! However, the harsh reality was showing him otherwise. There was Evert Rimarachín, fighting face to face with his financial problems that even threatened to break up his marriage. "We had gone bankrupt with the business, and the debts were very high. I could not stand it and had decided to separate," said Esther Huarcaya, Evert's wife.

Once again in high spirits, Evert got into his car and hit the road in search of a job. His eyes read every sign. However, a huge billboard along Panamericana Norte, in Lima, Peru, stopped him: “Radio Nuevo Tiempo, the radio station that brings peace and hope 103.3FM.” Peace and hope are what Evert was truly seeking—beyond a job.

Still without much time to think, Evert tuned in to 103.3 FM in his car and began to listen to a message from Pastor Alejandro Bullón. His heart began to feel more relieved and awakened to the need for God's direction in his life.

Evert’s wife had traveled for a few days, and when she returned, she did not expect such a reunion. "My husband was no longer in denial. He confessed to me that all those days, he had listened to Radio Nuevo Tiempo and had learned a lot," said Esther. Seeing this very real change, she also began to listen to the radio. In every reflection of Pastor Bullón, Pastor Joel Flores, and the Bible study with Pastor Joel Acuña, both discovered that God had not abandoned them. The tense atmosphere in the family began to disappear, and the couple's arguments also diminished.

"We can't go on living like this. We have to look for an Adventist church," Esther proposed, and after a sincere embrace of reconciliation, they looked for an address on Google Maps. When the Sabbath arrived, together they entered the Adventist church, where they were kindly received.

There, Evert and Esther studied more of the Bible, with the certainty of continuing to learn about Christ and restoring their marriage. At the end of their studies, they asked to be baptized. They then planned the baptismal ceremony at the end of September, but it was cut short by another piece of news that tried to dampen their joy. However, the sparkle in their eyes returned when Pastor Julio Conde, pastor of their church, informed them that they would be traveling to Brazil to be baptized at the Nuevo Tiempo South American headquarters.

Thus, the suitcases that, a few months ago, signified that Evert and Esther were ready to live apart, were now ready for the journey of the restoration of their lives. Amid tears of victory and gratitude, they were baptized during the special "Come to Me" week, presented by Pastor Jorge Rampogna, Communication director for the South American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, who, moved by this story, congratulated the couple.

"God is so good to us, and I am very grateful to Him. Thank you God," Esther concluded with a hug from her husband. Nuevo Tiempo continues to bring more people to Christ using different communication strategies in Peru.

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.