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South America

Novo Tempo Celebrates 17 Years of the Angels of Hope Project

Anniversary brings commemorative campaign to gift donors who contribute to the mission of bringing hope in partnership with the communication network.

Brazil | Jota Terres, Novo Tempo Communication Network

Seventeen years ago, Novo Tempo Communication Network launched a fundraising project that has transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout Brazil and in seven other countries in South America. Angels of Hope was created precisely to be a link between people who believe in the mission of sharing the hope of Jesus' return and Novo Tempo.

In late 2005, even before the creation of Angels of Hope, the network had an embryonic fundraising project called "I Want to Help." Thus, it received some financial donations, but most of them were sporadic and provided mainly by Novo Tempo's own employees.

Seeing the need to invest in a more structured project that could face the growing financial needs of the communication network, Pastor Milton Souza, then general director of Novo Tempo, created the Angels of Hope project in May 2006.

The name chosen by Pastor Souza to represent the project was formulated with a very clear objective. In the Bible, the word “angel” means “messenger.” Thus, the greatest hope Novo Tempo shares is the hope of Jesus' soon return. Thus, by being an angel of hope, one becomes a financial supporter of the greatest message of hope a Christian can announce.

Since then, Angels of Hope has not stopped growing and structuring itself as one of Novo Tempo's sources of financial resources. Currently, the project has financial supporters spread over 3,628 Brazilian municipalities. For comparison, Brazil has 5,068 municipalities spread across 26 states plus the Federal District. In other words, Novo Tempo has at least one financial supporter in 65% of all Brazilian municipalities.

According to Pastor Antonio Tostes, the current general director of Novo Tempo Network, Angels of Hope dictates the pace of growth. The more donations, the more projects the network is able to accomplish. "The donations grow, we do more. We receive more donors, we develop new programs. More people become angels of hope, Novo Tempo expands its sign," he explains. "This work of donations grows, and as a result, new Bible study guides are developed. Therefore, we ask that more and more people become angels of hope. It is the love of our Lord Jesus Christ reaching more people,” he concludes.

Special Campaign

To celebrate the 17 years of the project's operations, during the month of May, Angels of Hope were invited to participate in a special campaign that seeks to increase Novo Tempo's reach. To participate in the action and win a T-shirt as a gift, the donor needs to invite three friends to also become supporters of the mission of sharing hope through Novo Tempo.

The following steps must be followed: invite three friends of legal age to also become Angels of Hope and inform their data by phone or message to the Angels of Hope Call Center.

Afterward, one of the project's attendants will contact each of the friends indicated, and if they register to be Angels of Hope, the participant will receive a T-shirt as a gift.

Get to know one of the stories of those who have benefited from the project:

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