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The church of the city of Yeisk, Russia, has been feeding hot meals to hungry people in need on Sundays for three years. For Global Youth Day 2021, the Pathfinders decided to join this good tradition. The young people prepare food once a month and then distribute it, and about 30 people come to such events. Many people gladly take Christian books and ask those present to pray for them.

In the city of Essentuki, the young people decided to support the janitors--people who, despite the weather conditions, are always at their posts. The youth prepared gifts for the hardworking janitors, who were pleasantly surprised by such attention because no one ever said words of gratitude to them or given them gifts.

In the city of Yessentuki, the second health program was held at the Pedagogical Institute. The program was attended by 3rd- and 4th-year students. Judging by the reviews, the program was successful. Upon its completion, the students were invited to the "Taste of Life" cafe to undergo the "Breathe Freely" training at the end of March. Pastor Alexey Vasiliev, Pastor Alexey Dedov, Karolina Ismakova, and Dmitry Davydov participated in this event.

The youth of the city of Zernograd in the Rostov region helped a single woman to make repairs in her kitchen, and after church on Sabbath, they invited their friends from outside the church to dinner.

Adventist youth in Krasnodar helped the homeless near the train station, offering food, conversation, prayer, and books about Jesus.

In the city of Mineralnye Vody, Stavropol Territory, the youth partnered with other church members and served the homeless people in a local shelter. They sang songs for them, presented gifts, and offered them delicious treats.

Every Sunday in the city of Rostov-on-Don, near the suburban railway station, the needy are fed by a group of volunteers who has been doing this for two years. Six months ago, communities of the Adventist church, including young people, joined this ministry. For them, this is an opportunity not only to serve but also to establish communication with young people from other walks of life.

Additionally, an apartment was renovated for a poor family by the youth of the church, offering them the opportunity to not only do a good deed, but also to learn new skills.

The youth of the city of Shakhty, Rostov region, repaired a playground. Along the block of flats above the playground was a tree that could fall at any moment, and although the utilities company had cut it down, they did not remove it. As a result, the local children were unable to utilize the playground, so the Pathfinders took it as their project to remove these branches.

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