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United States | Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America is gearing up to celebrate the more than one million active church members, or laypersons, across the territory who tirelessly share the gospel throughout their communities every day. The celebration, which is called the Inter-American Day of the Laity, will take place on Sep. 4, 2021, during a live online program.

“We are overjoyed to honor church members who are unconditionally committed to preaching the gospel of salvation,” said Pastor Melchor Ferreyra, Personal Ministries Director for the church in Inter-America and the main organizer of the event. It’s important to continue supporting the thousands upon thousands of faithful believers who give all of themselves in sharing hope everywhere they go and motivate and reaffirm the call for the mission to be fulfilled”, said Ferreyra.

The special annual date is being reinstated as it used to be celebrated across the territory for decades more than 20 years ago. But for some reason it was forgotten amidst other special designated days across the church and its ministries, said Ferreyra. “Laypersons have always been celebrated every year, locally, regionally and at the Division level but we have not focused on th[is] special day that was historically celebrated.”

Without the hard work of laypersons, defined as lay preachers, lay evangelists, small group leaders, and bible workers, Inter-America would not have experienced the growth it has enjoyed for almost 100 years, said Ferreyra. “We definitely need to honor active church members, at the division level, for the support they give .”

Each one of the 24 unions, or major church regions, in Inter-America will use the special day to pay homage and reaffirm the mission to continue working hand-in-hand with pastors and local church leaders to reach out and disciple new members into accepting Christ and joining the church.

The one hour-event, themed “Celebrating the Mission”, will feature top church leaders, key short spiritual messages, a live gathering segment from Tijuana, in northern Mexico, and greetings from across the IAD territory, on Sabbath, September 4th, starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time in English, Spanish and French.

Inter-America’s Day of the Laity Celebration will also be streamed live on webcast.interamerica.org as well as Inter-America’s Facebook accounts in English, Spanish and French.

This article was originally published on the Inter-America Division’s website