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"Healthy Journey with God" Evangelistic Campaign in South Philippines Results in Over 5,000 Baptisms

The week-long series invited individuals seeking medical care and provided them with free health exams and talks emphasizing the critical link between health and the Adventist faith's essential values.

Philippines | Chrelsa Joy A. Salarda

The highly anticipated evangelistic campaign of the Health Department of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) of Seventh-day Adventists, themed "Healthy Journey with God," was completed on April 30, 2023, with an incredible result of 5,152 baptisms across 210 venues in the southern Philippines region. The collaborative efforts, led by devoted Adventist health professionals, lasted seven straight nights, from April 23–29.

Individuals seeking medical care were personally invited to participate in the entire seven-day program, which included free health exams and talks emphasizing the critical link between health and the Adventist faith's essential values.

Pastor Rey Dela Cruz, SPUC Health director, was overjoyed with the good response from the participating health professionals. He acknowledged his appreciation, saying, "I feel satisfied with the positive reaction from health professionals who participated in the campaign." This unusual strategy entailed the active participation of health professionals who not only presented lectures but also assumed leadership roles in heading and guiding the program. The possibility for health professionals to directly participate in evangelistic initiatives was enthusiastically welcomed.

Pastor Rey Dela Cruz campaigned at Lumbo, Valencia City, accompanied by a group of medical doctors. Reflecting on the event, he noted that while health professionals had previously been invited to present lectures, this campaign provided a new level of involvement. Their active leadership was critical, and the sense of accomplishment that came from initiating and conducting evangelistic efforts was extremely satisfying. 

Pr. Dela Cruz expressed hope for future possibilities to engage health professionals in similar activities, saying, "I'm looking forward to other opportunities for health professionals to involve themselves in the campaign."

The "Healthy Journey with God" campaign is the third phase of the SPUC Health Department's strategic plan, which was launched last year. The plan's major goal is to teach nonbelievers about living a healthy lifestyle while also bringing them to Jesus. After Phase 3 is completed successfully, the following months will see the implementation of phases 4 and 5, which will focus on integrating and assimilating newly converted individuals into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The exceptional success of the "Healthy Journey with God" evangelistic campaign demonstrates the collective efforts and dedication of Adventist health professionals in conveying the Gospel of holistic well-being and spiritual transformation. The program has not only impacted thousands of lives but also proven the importance of health principles in cultivating a stronger connection with God and the Adventist faith.

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