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Health Seminars Lead Seven Individuals to Baptism in Russia

The “Ecology of the Soul” program in Yoshkar-Ola attracted over 40 participants and covered how biblical principles can support physical and spiritual health.

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Health Seminars Lead Seven Individuals to Baptism in Russia

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Weekly meetings are taking place in a local church in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, targeting both physical and spiritual well-being. The meetings are facilitated by a team comprising a physical therapy instructor, a nurse, Liya Auz, a professional massage therapist, a Christian journalist, and Natalya Voronina, a certified healthy lifestyle instructor.

This initiative, endorsed by the active involvement of the Adventist Church, promotes the adoption of healthy lifestyle principles and an understanding of biblical teachings. Nadezhda, is a participant who initially arrived seeking physical therapy for back issues. After attending the "Healthy Spine" program, she began to learn more about the Adventist church and the "Ecology of the Soul" program. As a result, she fell deeply in love with Jesus she states. The program has also recently celebrated the baptism of seven individuals who participated in the meetings.


Another participant, Natalia, also attended the Healthy Spine program. After doing so, she began to study the biblical book of Daniel, and after being invited to join the “Ecology of the Soul” program, she also chose to follow Jesus through baptism.


One of the participants, Gennady, used to attend the Adventist Church in the late 90s, but more than 10 years ago he stopped going. Over the years, his health declined, and when one of the local church members invited Gennady to the “Ecology of the Soul” program, he agreed to go. At the program, he was very impressed by the physical and spiritual health lectures. When he heard the call for baptism, Gennady was the first to come forward and say, “I am with you!”

Alexei, a 16-year-old boy, was raised in an Adventist family. His decision to be baptized was influenced not only by the Christian life of his parents but also by studying at the Narnia Christian school, which has been operating in Yoshkar-Ola for seven years. Alexei served as a sound engineer during the “Ecology of the Soul” program. After completing the program, he chose to give his life to Christ through baptism. Currently, Bible study meetings continue to be held in the premises of the healthy food store-cafe “Lentil.”

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