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Free Medical Exams Offered to Bucharest Residents

“Caring for you” is part of the large-scale “Together for People” campaign

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From November 12–16, 2023, the prevention and education campaign "Caring for you" took place in Bucharest, Romania. The national-level 15th edition of this volunteer marathon, organized in the form of a free outpatient medical services center, was set up at the National Library of Romania, with about 40 offices for free consultations and exams.

As part of the campaign, residents of the capital city and its surroundings benefited from free consultations in the following specialties: cardiology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, dermatology, ear, nose and throat (ENT), ophthalmology, urology, diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, rheumatology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, endocrinology, and many others. Echocardiograms, breast ultrasounds, abdomino-pelvic ultrasounds, vascular Doppler ultrasounds, cervical cancer screenings, first aid courses, and other procedures were performed.

The project ran for five days, with over 5,000 free consultations and exams, benefiting an estimated 4,000 patients. Consultations were provided by more than 120 volunteer doctors, and the total number of volunteers involved in the organization and running of the event was around 500 people.

“Caring for you” is part of the large-scale “Together for people” campaign, initiated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Romania, in partnership with other important organizations, aimed at providing free services in the medical, educational, and social fields. Previously, the campaign was held in several large cities in Romania, and in addition, projects of this kind were organized on a smaller scale throughout the country.

Other projects involving blood donation and public health education courses on a healthy lifestyle were held in the Mircea Eliade and Doina Cornea halls of the National Library of Romania. Among these presentations were the following: Self-Healing and Lifestyle, About Arrhythmia, Truth and Medical Myths, How the Emergency System Works, Type II Diabetes, Preventing Low Back Pain, and Fundamentals of Nutrition.

Anti-drug and personal development seminars took place in schools and colleges, presented to classes by 50 speakers. Several presentations on the prevention of juvenile delinquency and drug use were held in high schools by inmates, in partnership with the Jilava Prison administration. At Sala Dalles in Bucharest, scientific creationism from a Christian perspective was promoted, and in universities, important values were advocated through the “Authentic Podcast.” Parenting courses were held at Mihai Ionescu High School.

On November 20, a counseling and hygiene project for homeless people in a mobile unit with showers and a barber shop was started. Organizers will be promoting emotional health through a campaign to distribute the book The Power of Hope, accompanied by cards with access to the digital library and audio-video resources, and at street stalls, participants will be offering free Christian books, including the Bible: the edition published by the Interconfessional Bible Society of Romania. 

Churches will be left open during the week to offer social services. Through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), food and hygiene products will be given to people from vulnerable groups.

“The 'Together for People' campaign is scaling down its work in Bucharest,” said Dragos Musat, Communication director for the Romanian Union. “We wanted people to be well so that they, in turn, can do good to their loved ones and those around them. We report, today, that 255 donors who gave their full dose of blood supported about 4,000 medical [exams] at the mobile hospital for at least 2,000 unique beneficiaries in more than 40 clinics,” continued Musat. “In the fight against stress and depression, we gave away over 200,000 cards and tens of thousands of e-cards. In schools, we motivated around 10,000 pupils for their full physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.”

As part of the Friendly Winter project, participants distributed 300 shopping cards and almost 200 household kits with a total value of around €50,000 (approx. US$54,800). Around 15,000 beneficiaries received food, hygiene kits, and sanitary products under the "Hand in Hand" and "Together for Bucharest" projects, worth at least €40,000 (approx. US$43,800).

“During the week, we opened about 15 Adventist churches in the capital with an offer of ministry and social services. But what we want most of all is to have harmonious family relationships,” Musat emphasized. “We want people to be well on all levels. After the winter holidays, we will be moving to other cities.”

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