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Exploring Love, Truth, and Life: New Adventist Website Explores the Intersection of Faith and Human Sexuality

The site addresses the denomination’s increasing need for Bible-based resources regarding human sexuality.

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On December 6, 2023, the General Conference (GC) of Seventh-day Adventists launched, which was designed and developed by the GC’s Human Sexuality Taskforce in efforts to help local and global church leaders address a wide range of topics that are impacting local churches and their communities. This new website provides insightful, biblically-based content that integrates faith, understanding, and guidance on the topic of human sexuality through the biblical lens of “love, truth, and life”.

What is the Human Sexuality Taskforce?

With increasing concerns regarding the contemporary issues surrounding human sexuality and the increasing need for Bible-based resources, Pastor Ted N.C Wilson, president of the Adventist Church, announced the formation of the taskforce during the first day of the yearly Spring Meetings on April 10, 2023. The taskforce addresses ongoing conversations surrounding issues and questions related to sexuality, both in churches and online. 

The task force is focused on creating relevant resources, such as videos, seminars, and more, to help those who visit understand what the Bible has to say about human sexuality. The website is the first step towards providing Christians with useful resources based on the Word of God, that are practical and helpful to answer the questions many are wrestling with today.

Exploring Human Sexuality features a thoughtful exploration of human sexuality through three distinct categories: Love, Truth, and Life. The website aims to guide readers through examining God's love and the principles outlined in the Bible regarding human sexuality while providing practical insights for application in daily life. 

The “Love” section underscores the role of God's love in the creation of the world and its ongoing influence on understanding human relationships. “Truth” takes a theological approach to human sexuality, featuring articles by notable Adventist theologians and leaders, offering biblically sound examinations of texts and questions often misunderstood or misused. Finally, the “Life” category emphasizes the concept of abundant life through Jesus and aims to guide readers toward practical applications to real-life struggles and issues, providing them with a flourishing and fulfilling existence grounded in their faith.

The website also features engaging personal stories, offering insights into the real-life experiences of individuals navigating their sexuality within the framework of their faith. The testimonies are provided to inform our understanding and learning through the challenges that others have navigated.

To ensure the site remains current and reflective of contemporary discussions, the Human Sexuality Taskforce is committed to making regular updates, addressing submitted questions, and adding to the site’s growing resource list. In this way, the site is a developing resource that will continue to grow with the dynamic and complicated topic it addresses.

With the increased focus on supporting those seeking to learn what the Bible says as they navigate the questions they are asking, the Adventist Church and the Human Sexuality Taskforce invite visitors to read and use the provided resources to better comprehend human sexuality through the biblical lens of love, truth, and life.

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