Evangelism In Europe - The Time Is Now

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Evangelism In Europe - The Time Is Now

Introducing Christ for Europe, an AWR/Total Member Involvement Initiative

United States | Anais Anderson, ANN

On February 24, 2022, the current conflict in Ukraine began, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and displacing nearly 8 million people, leaving them stranded as refugees in several neighboring countries. 

Right now, millions across Europe are looking for answers and seeking peace and refuge. As a World Church, we have an immense responsibility to share the Gospel in Europe and point people to the hope and assurance that only God provides. 

Each year, Adventist World Radio (AWR) and the General Conference’s “Total Member Involvement” (TMI) initiative hold at least one major evangelistic event around the world. This year’s major thrust is Christ for Europe, which will see the preaching of the Gospel across 35 European countries. The General Conference, along with the Euro-Asia, Inter-European, and Trans-European divisions, is partnering with many unions and conferences to organize this event. ASI Europe is also helping coordinate evangelistic meetings in local churches.

The idea to reach Europe on a large scale began after Radim Passer, an ASI Europe member, shared his desire with Elder Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, at an ASI Convention four years ago. Since then, Wilson and AWR President Duane McKey, who also serves as an assistant to the President for TMI evangelism, have discussed ways to reach Europe. As people all over Europe seek hope during these trying times, the decision was made that there is no time like the present to mobilize as a World Church to bring hope across the continent.

Project Details

Christ for Europe will largely take place from May 12-27 and September 8-23, 2023, though the exact dates may vary from country to country. Although many local church pastors and leaders will participate in this event, AWR encourages laypeople to join as speakers. There will be more than 1,200 sites hosting evangelistic programs. Speakers will receive sermon presentations in advance to allow time to practice and prepare before meetings begin. 

During the event, mornings will begin with prayer meetings to invite the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Time will also be given for worship, training, and practice of the sermons to present at the evangelistic site.

Afternoons will be set aside for personal sermon preparation. During the second week of meetings, speakers will have the opportunity to go out and visit attendees. The evening evangelistic programs will include special music, health talks, and messages on Bible prophecy. 

Christ for Europe is the most extensive evangelistic outreach conducted in Europe in the history of the Adventist Church. During this project, AWR aims to reach people in their native language, as various ethnic groups will have the opportunity to attend local meetings, including Ukrainian refugees. AWR will also premiere its medical and evangelism truck to help meet medical needs in various villages throughout Europe. 

During this immense crisis in Europe, people all over the continent yearn for freedom, healing, and hope. As they experience this unprecedented chaos and distress, the Great Commission has made our duty clear. It is our job to help them understand the Bible to find hope and healing as we offer them the best gift available to all of mankind – the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

While there’s already been an overwhelming volunteer response for Christ for Europe, and space is limited, all those interested in volunteering may register at awr.org/christ-for-europe. A recommendation from the individual’s local pastor will be requested after a person registers. Each volunteer will be responsible for their own expenses (airfare, hotel, food, etc.). Some areas have multilingual churches, and they are asking the World Church to provide individuals who can preach in these various languages, so this is a great opportunity to involve people from around the world.

If you’d like to donate to this project, please visit https://awr.org/product/23g17-christ-for-europe/