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Establishment of Two New Missions in the Papua Region Expands Opportunities for Spiritual Outreach

Territorial and administrative restructuring will enhance Gospel-spreading efforts

Indonesia | Alvianus Saleppang

The East Indonesia Union Conference (EIUC) of Seventh-day Adventists has taken a proactive step to address the complexities of providing spiritual services in remote and challenging areas by creating new regions. This strategic move aims to engage and connect as many members as possible, overcoming geographical barriers. Noteworthy efforts have been invested in shaping these new regions into dynamic, efficient service hubs.

The recognition of the imperative for expansion into challenging and remote areas led to the establishment of new regions. Deliberations on launching these regions considered factors such as the commitment of members who have steadfastly participated in advancing the church's mission, specifically in evangelism. Additionally, careful consideration was given to financial stewardship as a pivotal aspect in initiating these new regions.

Through a comprehensive sequence of surveys and evaluations spanning the division, union, and regional tiers, the EIUC successfully birthed two new regions within its service domain: the Papua Tengah and Papua Barat Daya.

In the appointment of new regional officers, including the president, executive secretary, and treasurer responsible for guiding services in the two new regions, an electoral committee carried out the selection process. The committee consisted of three representatives from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD), officers and associates of the EIUC, eleven regional presidents under the EIUC, the president of Klabat University, one layperson from the West Papua Mission, one layperson from the Papua Mission, one worker from the West Papua Mission, and one worker from the Papua Mission.

After completing the process, the following regional officers have been elected and will assume office immediately:

Papua Tengah Mission:
Chairperson—Tonny Mayai
Executive Secretary—Tonny Tamalea
Treasurer—Billy Bindosano

Papua Barat Daya Mission:
Chairperson—Hugo Wambrauw
Executive Secretary—Karunia Salama
Treasurer—Indra Wonua

Papua Mission:
Chairperson—Thedd Windewani
Executive Secretary—Erik Manuri
Treasurer—Maikel Makarewa

West Papua Mission:
Chairperson—Hermanus Saidui
Executive Secretary—Jimmy Samber
Treasurer—Melvin Marini

Samuel Yotam Bindosano, EIUC president, expresses hope that the newly elected leaders will prioritize the church's mission, emphasizing the salvation of souls and adherence to organizational rules for the fulfillment of this mission. "In uniting with renewed spirits, let us form a steadfast team dedicated to reaching the diverse regions of the Central Papua Mission Field and the Southwest Papua Mission Field. Despite the expansive journey ahead, these new leaders are poised to accelerate our mission, preparing multitudes for the imminent coming of the Lord," he said.

Stephen Salainti, SSD vice president, shares his hopeful vision for the new regions. "Under the guidance of the newly elected leadership, our collective focus will center on the mission of bringing people closer to Jesus and diligently preparing the Papua region, especially, for the second coming of Christ. Let's maintain enthusiasm, remembering that this is the Lord's work. Always lean on the Lord and be ever willing to be vessels used by Him, ensuring the successful accomplishment of this mission," he said.

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