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Church Leaders Conduct Youth Evangelism Camp in Segovia

Over 20 young people learn valuable faith-sharing skills and put them into practice

Spain | Charlie Domínguez

From August 4–13, 2023, 23 young missionaries shared the Gospel in Segovia, Spain. The youth evangelism camp was an initiative of the Personal Ministries, Evangelism, and Youth departments of the Spanish Union of Churches.

Pastor Charlie Dominguez and his wife, Mayra Lopez, were in charge of organizing the different activities, together with the Segovia missionaries, pastors Ivan Samuel Perez and Delia Rodriguez.

All participants stayed in a house-hotel very close to the aqueduct and the Segovia Adventist Church. From there, they could move to the area authorized by the city council to set up information tables.

Various Activities

During the ten days, the young people manned three missionary tables where more than 800 books were handed out. Some people came and asked for two or three books because of their interest.

The young people led the Sabbath services and visited people who asked for the book Addictions, published by Safeliz, free of charge. In addition, more than 300 balloons were given out with a message from the Youth Department and a QR code that took them directly to official church websites.

While some handed out books, others presented a puppet show to attract the attention of the kids, as well as the kids at heart. In the meantime, some members of the team played games such as Creation Days and Ten Commandments with the children.

On Sabbaths, they set up the Sabbath Sofa, an initiative that aimed to stop passersby and persuade them to sit down and rest for a while. Once seated, they were invited to reflect on lost time and the importance of resting at least one day a week.

Recreational Activities, Excursion, and Workshops

The camp activities included a Bible study workshop and training on how to do street surveys and deal with new visitors coming to the church. Some of the contacts made during the week-plus promised to visit the premises the following Sabbath, and it was necessary to know how to welcome them.

On top of that, every day, there was an excursion or recreational activity, either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the time of the main activities.

Foreign Missionaries

The morning meetings were held at 8:00 a.m. in order to prepare hearts for the missionary work. Pastor Dominguez spoke during the week about how the Gospel came to Spain and highlighted the work of the Bond brothers, two young foreign missionaries who left everything to serve God.

The curious thing was that there were some foreigners in the group. Three boys came from France, and three from the United States. Likewise, the nationalities of those who came from different parts of Spain were also varied, so it was a multicultural experience that foreshadowed heaven.

There Is More to Do

The seed of the Gospel has been sown in Segovia; now participants are waiting to see the growth God gives and the fruits in due time. It was very beautiful to see that, for this camp, there was a waiting list of more than ten young people who wanted to participate, but due to limited space, they were unable to do so. Hopefully, it will be possible for all of them to participate next time.

On Saturday evening, a closing dinner was held. In addition, Bond prizes were awarded to the most outstanding missionaries, and the "secret friend" game was played, which, this time, was played in a different way: each one choosing the gift he or she seemed to like the most.

The Church Was Happy

The Segovia Church and its pastors are very grateful for this initiative and congratulate the union departments that sponsored this event, especially Gabriel Diaz (Evangelism) and Jonathan Bosqued (Youth), as well as all the collaborators.

Soon, the outcome of this project will be analyzed to see if, in future years, it can be done again in other areas, mainly reaching out to postmodern ages and native Spaniards.

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