New program in Sabbath School will be broadcast live [Photo Credit: Beatriz Dantas]

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Church in Espírito Santo to Broadcast Unprecedented Live, In-game Format

Bom de Lição will test knowledge of the Sabbath School study guide among participants

Brazil | Leonardo Saimon

The Seventh-day Adventist Church (IASD) for the central-north region of Espírito Santo will broadcast for the first time live with a different format. Bom de Lição debuts on the official networks of Associação Espírito Santense (AES) this Friday, April 30, at 7:30 p.m. (Brasília time), in order to test the knowledge regarding the Sabbath School lesson, a Bible study guide, among the participants.

Inspired by the Bom de Bíblia, a program on TV Novo Tempo, Bom de Lição will reward the winner with a trip. The participant who does best in the grand final in November will get to know the facilities of the Adventist broadcaster. The selection race took place this April. Eighty-nine competitors took the race online, and the two highest scores took the participants to the first phase. Everton Braun, from the central church of Vitória, and Luiz Carlos, from Chácara de Parreral, were selected.

“The primary objective is to encourage the study of the Sabbath School lesson. In addition, the interaction between members is sought to provide moments of recreation and entertainment”, explains Pastor Lucas Viana, the project's creator. He, who also directs the Sabbath School department of the central-north region of Espirito Santo, reveals that the public's feedback and participation were positive.

Game Format 

Divided into three blocks, the live broadcast will feature questions related to the first quarter of the Sabbath School lesson, the theme of which was Isaiah. In the first block, each participant will have the right to answer four questions, three of which are multiple-choice, worth 100 points, while the other one is without multiple choices and worth 150 points. During the game, every participant will also be able to choose a way to receive help: through the guide, the Bible, or a WhatsApp group created by the participants themselves.

For the second block, each participant will have 60 seconds to correctly answer the largest number of true-or-false questions. In this case, it will not be possible to ask for help, but the participant may choose to skip just one question. Each correct answer will add 50 points to the scoring system.

Finally, the last block will test the competitors' speed. There will be only five questions, each worth 200 points. The first to press the button will be entitled to answer. Some of the questions in this competition will also be available to internet users entitled to free gifts to the public.

“The questions were designed by theologians and pastors at our universities. And they will respect the lesson studied throughout each quarter. I believe that this way, we will encourage even more the daily study of the Bible study guide”, corroborates Viana.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site