Celebration Held for 2023 Adventist HealthCare Lucy Byard Scholarship Winners

Celebration Held for 2023 Adventist HealthCare Lucy Byard Scholarship Winners

Four candidates rewarded for tenacity in the face of obstacles, dedication to benefiting people’s lives through nursing

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On November 1, a luncheon was held in honor of the 2023 recipients of the Adventist HealthCare Lucy Byard Scholarship for nursing. Adventist HealthCare leadership, along with church leaders, friends, family, and colleagues, came to celebrate the four deserving students who received a total of $60,000 to complete their studies.

As Terry Forde, AHC president and CEO, explained, the scholarship honors the legacy of Lucy Byard and reaffirms Adventist HealthCare’s continued commitment to treat all people with respect and compassion. The scholarship is a need-based, merit opportunity for nursing students that helps address racial disparities and economic inequities.

This year, two new recipients were identified, and two previous scholarship winners were awarded additional funds to continue their studies. All four of the deserving nursing students have faced hardships with perseverance and grit to realize their dream of pursuing a career in medicine and providing compassionate care.

  • Cameca Anderson (new)—A student at Washington Adventist University and student nurse in the Emergency Department at Shady Grove Medical Center, Cameca says her “passion for nursing stems from the fact that as a nurse, [she] will be able to provide patients and their families with holistic care at their most vulnerable times and guarantee the highest standard of care.”

  • Victoria Ofori (new)—Growing up in rural Ghana, Howard University student Victoria was captivated by courses that deepened her understanding of diseases and explained ways to eliminate barriers to care. As a hospital volunteer, Victoria realized she wanted to be a nurse to “engage in conversations to eliminate healthcare disparities” as well as “strengthen communication and relationships between providers and patients.”

  • Tianna Lawrence (continuing)—Currently studying at Howard University, Tianna credits her experiences as a home health aide in teaching her that “patients just want to be seen and treated with compassion. They want someone that they can trust … and [she is] devoted to being present for these people and dedicating [her] time and life to service.”

  • Junior Philogene (continuing)—In 2016, Junior came to the United States, and he has worked tirelessly to become fluent in English and excel in school, including currently at Washington Adventist University. Junior has taken on many jobs to help support his family and shared, “As a medical professional, I can ensure that people are healthy so they can have the opportunity to work toward their dreams, just like I have had that opportunity.”

Blessings and remarks were offered by a number of AHC representatives and selection committee members: Anthony Stahl, president of Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center; Dwayne Leslie, who has been named General Counsel for Adventist HealthCare in 2024; and Ann Roda, vice president of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care for Adventist HealthCare; as well as the chief nursing officers of AHC’s four acute hospitals.

To learn more about the scholarship, please visit AdventistHealthCare.com/LucyByardScholarship.