Calebs Take in  Ailing Elderly Woman and Renovates Her House

South American Division

Calebs Take in Ailing Elderly Woman and Renovates Her House

Work began in 2018 and received donations from community members

Brazil | Damáris Gonçalves

This year, Maria da Cruz's life changed due to the influence of the volunteers of the Caleb Mission Project. Young people from Jardim das Américas, in Curitiba, Paraná, dedicated themselves to renovating the elderly woman's house. The project started in 2018, when the Calebs of the same district built a more suitable house for her. This July, 13 of them were directly or indirectly involved in stages such as labor and donations.

The 69-year-old woman has lived in Jardim Icaraí for over 20 years. Over time, her house suffered the consequences {of a particular event?} and needed to be renovated. For this reason, the main creator of the initiative, Daniel Rodrigues, saw an opportunity to do good and share lessons from the Bible. He explains that in times of need, people like the Calebs will always be willing to support those in need.

“We saw in the faces of the young people the joy and happiness in helping. It was a lesson in citizenship, humanity, and love for others”, Rodrigues analyzes. He also says he has been in similar situations and received great help from members of his community. “Since I was a child, I was helped a lot by the actions of Adventists, and I learned a lot at the Adventist school about the issue of solidarity with others. We can't do everything, but with each one doing a little, we go far.” 

Upon meeting the Caleb Mission, Maria decided to join the Adventist Church as well as the youth. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and needed special care. She says she misses participating in the actions and being at church with her friends. “For me, this represents affection and love. Having them take care of me is very good”, she adds.

The group has also arranged to deliver two meals a day for her and her family to be supported. 

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site