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Adventurers Club Reaches Local Children in Ukraine

The club in Dnipro unites local children and parents as they explore the Bible and God's love.

Ukraine | Yuriy Fedorov

When there is a conflict around that destroys not only buildings but unfortunately also lives—when evil tries to dominate and destroy, stirring up negative feelings and desires in people—goodness, along with people of good will, does not disappear from this world! 

In view of this, it is extremely important in times of trouble that children feel the stability and confidence of adults who are close to them and a model and indicator of calmness for them. Praise be to Christ that there are adults who can keep themselves together, continuing to serve children, teach them the principles of kindness, and instill in them eternal biblical values.

On Sabbath, February 18, the Seventh-day Adventist congregation in the city of Dnipro held a solemn event. During the festive service, the initiators of the local Eager Beavers club realized an important and long-dreamed-of opening.

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

The Sabbath celebration was marked by a program prepared by the leaders in advance. The children made a promise and sang the Beavers' anthem. After that, they tied green ties, a symbol of childhood and belonging to the global club. The children also received gift sets from Yuriy Fedorov, coordinator of the club ministry of the Eastern Dnieper Conference. The congregation prayed for the children and club leaders and, during the sermon, reflected on the theme "God reveals secrets to friends."

At the end of the event—it couldn’t have been a celebration without it—a sweet table was prepared.

The club has become part of a global family of children and parents united by an active, interesting lifestyle and the exploration of God's secrets, which is the essence of the club's name.

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

It should be noted that the Seventh-day Adventist community of Dnipro is a good example and optimistic inspiration for caring for children, as it is opening its second children's club during a full-scale conflict. There are three children's and teenage clubs in the community: Pathfinders, for ages 10–15; Adventurers, for ages 6–9; and now the Eager Beavers club, for ages 4–5.

Sincere gratitude and deep respect go to the entire team of children's ministers and the community for their courage, resilience, creativity, patience, steadfastness, and love for God's work and children!


The Eager Beavers is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that involves a close parent-child partnership and strives to help children develop physically and spiritually while learning biblical values and practical skills.

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

Photo: Ukrainian Union Conference

The main goals of the programs are to show children the love of God, promote the values expressed in the promise and hymn of the Eager Beavers, create an environment in which each child can make a contribution, and encourage a positive attitude in them.

Clubs for different age groups use special patches to encourage them to achieve new skills and milestones. For beavers, these are "wooden chips." More than 20 patches are available for achievement, encouraging children to explore, learn, and play as part of the club's activities. After a child has completed the requirements of a particular patch, he or she receives a wood chip.

Specially designed uniforms make the organization real and visible to the children themselves, as well as the community. When children wear the uniforms, they know they are part of a group and are proud to wear the same uniform their adult leaders wear. The full uniform consists of a green tie with a sleeve (tie holder), a white shirt with chevrons (V-shaped stripes), navy blue pants or skirt, and black shoes. If desired, the club can use only a tie with a sleeve as a uniform.

The manual introduces the children to the world of Eager Beavers, helps them remember the promise, and prepares them for the transition to the Adventurers Club. Please visit

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