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Adventists in Ukraine Celebrate Baptisms

Evangelistic meetings and Bible studies throughout the region lead several to give their hearts to Jesus through baptism.

Ukraine | Natalia Luchak

For several millennia, a war between God and Satan has been going on on our planet. The war is not for land or a certain territory, but for each person—for the right to own his or her heart. Those who have realized what is really happening are rushing to the Lord because they realize He is the only salvation.

A young girl, Christina, from Vyzhnytsia, Chernivtsi, Ukraine, who opened her heart to Jesus and entered into a covenant with Him on April 22, 2023, was also in this reflection. She currently lives in Czechia but came to her native land to receive baptism in water at the Bukovyna Chereshenka Health Center.

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A baptismal ceremony was held in Pokrovsk, Donetsk, on April 29. Representatives of Adventist communities and pastors came from the surrounding towns, including Dobropillya, Druzhkivka, and Hirnyk, to witness the decision of 16 people to make a covenant with God. Bible study meetings were held in these communities, which resulted in the identification of those willing to join the Adventist Church through the rite of baptism. Each baptized person received a Bible as a gift as a reminder that a Christian should study the Word of God, which teaches the principles of life on earth and prepares for eternal life.

Despite the difficulties associated with the conflict, the above-mentioned communities host evangelistic events, during which visitors receive material, psychological, and spiritual support.

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[Credit - UUC]

The community of Zhovti Vody, in the Dnipropetrovs'k region, has been holding evangelistic meetings every Sabbath for more than a year, where visitors receive humanitarian aid in addition to spiritual support. The three sisters who attended these meetings studied Bible lessons and, on April 29, solemnly made a covenant with God through baptism.

In the Odesa-3 community, Pastor Victor Onufriychuk conducted Bible studies, and eight people decided to follow Christ and be in covenant with Him. The solemn baptism service took place on May 6.

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