Calebs prepare tribute for collectors (Photo Credit: Adriano Camargo)

South America

Adventist youth honor essential workers during in the pandemic

Professionals surprised by books and chocolate

Brazil | Jordana Graci

Amid the quarantine against the coronavirus, under bad weather and vulnerable to the most diverse types of risks, they are there: the garbage collectors, a group that is also on the front line during the pandemic. About 100 employees of the company Transres Waste Ambiental S / A, from São José dos Pinhais, metropolitan region of Curitiba, Brazil, were honored by the volunteers of the Missão Calebe project on Jan. 27.

Each of the workers received a book and a chocolate, as well as several displays of appreciation. Another such event was scheduled for the following week to reach the employees who work on another shift.

According to one of the volunteers, Josiane Laskoski, the tribute was planned in order to highlight a class of professionals who provide an essential service which does not always receive due recognition from the population. 

“They go out to work at the risk of getting COVID-19, but they show up anyway,” Laskoski points out. “It is a necessary service that is not always recognized.”

According to the company's manager, Vanessa Nassif, the group was excited by the show of appreciation. 

“It was a big deal for the whole day,” she shares. “People don't usually worry about who is taking the trash. The employees really liked it, and it motivated them even more in their work.”

This week was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site