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Indonesia | Jenny Sagala

More than 1,200 Adventist Women’s Ministry leaders in the West Indonesia Union Mission completed level four of their leadership certification training through an online seminar in May 2021. The certification program, which originates from the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists, focuses on empowering and equipping Adventist women for various leadership and church-related skills.


“This certification program empowers our women as they serve in leadership positions,” says Virginia Baloyo, Southern Asia-Pacific Division Women’s Ministry director. “Aside from leadership skills, the curriculum from Levels I to IV includes Bible, history, and philosophy, how to do nurture and outreach programs, as well as how to develop or improve one’s skills in writing, speaking, and interpersonal relations,” Baloyo added.

The leaders joined in various online activities and workshops that follow the Adventist world church theme of “I Will Go.” Women leaders from the General Conference and the Southern Asia-Pacific Division participated in the online event and facilitated the Bible readings, spiritual messages, testimonies, training, and workshops.

Heather-Dawn Small, director, and Raquel Arrais, associate director of the Women’s Ministries of the General Conference, delivered messages on empowering women in different responsibilities to which God calls them. 

The following Women’s Ministries leaders facilitated other activities and seminars during the two-day gathering: Virgie Baloyo, Women’s Ministries director of the Southern Asia-Pacific region (SSD); Hellen Gulfan, former Adventist Women’s Ministries director of the SSD; Jenny Sagala, Women’s Ministries director of West Indonesia Union Mission; Medis Marbun, Women’s Ministries director of the Jakarta local conference; and Sofia Tambunan, Women’s Ministries director of the local conference in Jakarta.


The series of presentations covered topics on mentoring, equipping leaders for success, women’s leadership in the Bible, leadership mentoring for the 21st-century woman, and Jesus’ leadership model. These topics were designed to encourage women to practice and apply principles not only inside the church but in their daily lives, thus becoming an inspiration to others. 

 “During this pandemic, we are happy for what we have, grateful for this modality of learning which gathered thousands at zero travel cost,” says Baloyo. “Fellowship and greetings may be limited, but the chatbox burned with conversations! Our smiles were just as wide and friendly online as they would have been in person.”

Women’s ministry is about following the footsteps of Christ and revealing his character in physical, social, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. The results show a reflection of who Christ is and enable others to see Jesus in their lives. 

The certification program strengthens these leaders' sense of value and offers direction in their responsibilities in the church and their communities. 

Jenny Sagala, Women's Ministry Director and Pastor David Panjaitan, Communication Director of West Indonesia Union Mission

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site