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Adventist Medical Center Manila Dedicates State-of-the-Art X-ray Machine

The new X-ray machine is evidence of the medical industry's commitment to progress and innovation, and facilitates more precise and time-saving medical evaluations.

Philippines | Edward Rodriguez

A state-of-the-art X-ray machine, mounted from the ceiling, has been added to Adventist Medical Center Manila’s (AMCM) service medical equipment to better serve their patients. This new equipment, which allows for digital radiography, digital contrast, and digital fluoroscopy, is a major step toward the center's ultimate goal of providing exceptional medical treatment. 

The machine also has the ability to stitch outputs, which can be used for full-spine or full-limb stitching in orthopedic joint replacements and spinal orthopedics. In particular, the picture stitching capability allows for a more complete view of spinal orthopedics and orthopedic joint replacements, leading to better care and therapy for patients. The dedication ceremony took place on May 8, 2023, at the AMC Manila Hospital in Pasay City, Philippines.

AMCM president, Elias Apacible Jr., and the hardworking group of medical missionaries commemorated the historic meeting with a thanksgiving, dedication, and ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the event, guests reflected on the significance of the hospital’s mission and the divine providence that made it possible.

This X-ray machine is being purchased as part of AMCM's 2023 Medical Equipment Upgrading Program. An autorefractor, chart projector, wall-mounted ophthalmoscope, two Olympus CX-43 biological microscopes with a 55-inch monitor, and a 3D Video Digital Laparoscopy System were all released earlier this year to great acclaim. These developments not only demonstrate AMCM's dedication to healthcare quality but also attest to God's providence in leading His institution to fulfill its stated purpose of "Sharing Jesus Christ's Healing Ministry."

The new X-ray machine is evidence of the medical industry's commitment to progress and innovation. Its state-of-the-art design allows for superior diagnostic skills, which in turn facilitates more precise, time-saving medical evaluations.

With this major improvement, AMCM shows its dedication to providing excellent medical services to the people it serves. The hospital's commitment to offering comprehensive care and friendly service to all those in need has not wavered.

As Adventist Medical Center Manila begins a new era, its staff is mindful of the value of humility and appreciation. They give credit for their success to God's grace and the unflinching backing of the Adventist community. Gratitude in their hearts keeps them focused on their purpose of offering a healing ministry that exemplifies Christ's love.

"In this remarkable moment, we are reminded once again of God's faithfulness and the profound impact of His blessings," remarked Apacible. "Adventist Medical Center Manila stands ready to utilize the extraordinary capabilities of its new X-ray machine to make a positive difference in the lives of patients, striving to honor God through their healing ministry," he continued.

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