Pastor Danrev Tipdas (extreme right) continues to recover from a near-fatal vehicular accident. Now on the path to recovery, Tipdas is visited and prayed for by friends and colleagues in the ministry. [Photo courtesy of Pastor Danrev Tipdas]

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Adventist Logo Saves Pastor's Life Following a Motorcycle Accident

Pastor Danrev Tipdas, the ministerial leader of a local church district in the Philippines, narrowly survived a motorcycle accident on April 14, 2023.

Philippines | Davao Mission Communications Department

Pastor Danrev Tipdas, the ministerial leader of a local church district in the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines, narrowly survived a motorcycle accident on April 14, 2023, in front of Gaisano Mall of Digos City (GMall). When the tragedy occurred, he was on his way to attend the regular meeting at Digos Center Adventist Church. In the twinkling of an eye, he believed he had taken his last breath. 

Tipdas' sister Deborah, who was undergoing on-the-job training at the nearby medical facility of Digos Cooperative (MCDC), rushed to the scene of the accident when she learned of it. His parents, Pastor Dominador and Divina, who were attending a regular cluster meeting in a different district, rushed to the National Hospital in Digos City, where Tipdas was receiving immediate medical care.

The unnamed heroes who assisted Tipdas after the accident and the prompt response of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) would not have been possible if not for the Adventist logo on Tipdas's shirt.

Mariane, a 1993 graduate of an Adventist elementary school in Digos, aided the ERT's fast response by identifying Tipdas as an Adventist based on his shirt. Mariane, who is not an Adventist, reflected on the profound influence Adventist education has had on her and how it has enabled her to become a better person.

"I would gladly assist anyone in need, especially in an emergency," Mariane stated. "However, as soon as I saw the Adventist logo, I knew whom to contact and where to call.” She added, "I believe it was providential."

Tipdas was transferred to Adventist Hospital Davao for additional medical observation and treatment. The medical team considered it necessary to better assess his condition and provide the necessary care for a speedier recovery. In a message to his fellow pastors, he thanked God for his survival, saying, "Igsoon, buhi na ko uban sa kaluoy sa Ginoo! Padayon sa pag-ampo nga ma-okay ra ko [“Sisters and brothers, I am alive because of God's benevolence! Please continue to pray for my healing”]!”

Tipdas is currently recuperating and has been advised to rest so he can recover fully and return to the mission with renewed and restored vitality.

Tipdas’ survival is evidence of the Adventist mission and the effectiveness of prayer. His family and coworkers continue to pray for his complete recovery and are appreciative of God's intervention in his accident.

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