Adventist Hospital in Cebu Celebrates 67 Years of Dedicated Service

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Adventist Hospital in Cebu Celebrates 67 Years of Dedicated Service

In harmony with the Adventist Church's 160th founding anniversary, the hospital joins the celebration by reinforcing the church's core principles of faith, compassion, and service.

Philippines | Nadeth Quinto

Adventist Hospital Cebu (AHC), formerly known as H.W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital, marks its 67th founding anniversary in 2023, coinciding with the momentous 160th founding anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As an institution operated and owned by the church, AHC has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to the community since its establishment in 1956. Both the hospital and the church share a dedication to holistic care, and their respective milestones symbolize their unwavering commitment to serving humanity.

Under the theme "Fulfilled in Time," Adventist Hospital Cebu acknowledges the profound journey on which it has embarked over the years, guided by its mission to "Touch lives through the healing ministry of Christ." By upholding its core values, encapsulated in the acronym DESIRE, (Dedication, Enthusiasm, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Resourcefulness, and Excellence), the hospital aspires to be the leading healthcare institution in Central Visayas, Philippines, committed to providing comprehensive, holistic healing to its patients.

Dr. Michelle Napigkit, an internal medicine physician and pulmonologist at Adventist Hospital Cebu, expresses her deep appreciation for being a part of an institution that has endured the test of time, serving as a testament to God's sustenance and grace. Recognizing the hospital's role as a platform for medical missionary work, she emphasizes the significant impact it has had on her life.

"I am truly blessed to be a part of the AHC family. The progress and success we are experiencing today are the fruits of our former and present leadership. We stand on the shoulders of these giants, and today, we honor and commemorate their sacrifices and efforts. Our involvement in medical missions like this is a genuine expression of our gratitude," Dr. Napigkit passionately exclaims.

In harmony with the Adventist Church's 160th founding anniversary, Adventist Hospital Cebu joins the celebration by reinforcing the church's core principles of faith, compassion, and service. As the hospital strives to fulfill its mission, it aligns with the church's longstanding commitment to promoting holistic well-being and supporting individuals in their physical, mental, and spiritual journeys.

Dr. Evelyn Pepito, president of AHC, emphasizes the profound impact of the anniversary celebration on fostering connections between the hospital, church, and community. She highlights the diverse range of engaging activities planned for the occasion to cultivate an atmosphere of unity, gratitude, and joy. These festivities include outings, free circumcision, free clinics, occupational health seminars, and special blessings for the hospital's newly acquired facilities and equipment. These events offer a much-needed respite to the dedicated hospital staff and their families and extend vital care and support to the broader community, effectively addressing their medical and social needs.

Dr. Pepito further emphasizes, "We, in the administration, will always thank our Divine Provider for the guidance and blessings each year; hence, we glorify Him by giving our workers a break and providing free services to the community."

The simultaneous celebration of the hospital's 67th anniversary and the Adventist Church's 160th founding anniversary embodies a spirit of unity and shared purpose. It signifies the continued dedication of both institutions to serve with compassion, empathy, and excellence. Together, they inspire hope, provide healing, and uplift the lives of those they touch.

Jovane Macana, a vendor in Manalili, Cebu, expresses his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to benefit from the free check-up and medicines offered by Adventist Hospital Cebu during the anniversary celebration. He deeply appreciates the privilege, saying, "I am truly thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to avail of these free services, even though we come from a neighboring island of Cebu."

Moreover, Pastor Eliezer "Joer" T. Barlizo Jr., president of the Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC), reveals a personal connection with AHC. Born at Miller Hospital in 1967, Pastor Barlizo has remained a patient there even up to this day. He expresses his profound gratitude by stating, "Adventist Hospital Cebu has been an instrument of God in sharing the healing ministry of Christ and bringing many souls to the feet of Jesus."

The heartfelt testimonies of Macana and Barlizo exemplify the far-reaching impact of AHC's compassionate care and ministry. These stories serve as reminders of the hospital's mission to touch lives, provide healing, and bring individuals closer to God.

As Adventist Hospital Cebu joyfully commemorates its 67th anniversary alongside the Adventist Church's 160th founding anniversary, it stands united in its commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. With God's guidance and blessings, AHC looks forward to many more years of compassionate care, spiritual healing, and dedicated service to humanity.

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