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Adventist Graduate Ranks Fourth in 2023 Physician Licensure Test in the Philippines

This accomplishment reflects the Adventist community's focus on health and fitness, as well as the high-quality education and training provided by Adventist schools.

Philippines | Edward Rodriguez

The March 2023 Physician Licensure Test was just completed, with hundreds of aspiring physicians around the country taking the exam. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) stated that 1,573 out of 2,887 test takers passed the Board of Medicine's Physician Licensure Examination. There were 82 Seventh-day Adventists who took the test, and one of them finished fourth in the results.

John Kevin Base, an alumnus of the Adventist University of the Philippines and a graduate of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, received an amazing score of 88%, placing him among the top five test takers. His hard work and devotion to his studies, as well as the great education and training he acquired from his alma mater, contributed to his success.

[Photo courtesy of Shane Base Estrella]

[Photo courtesy of Shane Base Estrella]

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is renowned for emphasizing health and well-being. Therefore, many church members pursue jobs in medicine. In reality, the church runs a global network of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso, Health Ministries director for the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, expressed her congratulations in a social media post to examinees, faculty members, and families who have been supportive and prayerful in their student’s journey as they strive for excellence in the field they have chosen.

"We thank God for this accomplishment. It emphasizes our profound appreciation for medical work and our mission to preach the Gospel truth through the hope and healing that Jesus exemplified,” Alfanoso added.

The Adventist community in the Philippines has continuously produced high scorers in different licensing tests, notably in the area of health education, in recent years. Dr. Gerald Pelayo is one of these exceptional performers, having placed first on both the 2011 Nursing Licensure Test and the 2018 Physician Licensure Examination. These accomplishments reflect the Adventist community's focus on health and fitness, as well as the high-quality education and training provided by Adventist schools.

The Physician Licensure Examination is a difficult exam that assesses prospective physicians' knowledge and abilities. Passing the test is an important step in becoming a licensed physician and practicing in the Philippines. The results of the March 2023 exam are a monument to all the examinees' hard work and dedication since they have spent years studying and preparing for this day.

With the continuing development of various health concerns, the country's need for knowledgeable, caring healthcare personnel has never been more pressing. Dr. Base and his colleagues’ Seventh-day Adventist examinees' achievement indicates that the future of Filipino medicine is in excellent hands.

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